Sunday, September 24, 2017

Commune Really Didn't Work Out

Hi guys, long time no post. 

As you know if you've been keeping up with the blog, we moved into a commune in June and have been in stasis mode ever since.  I joined a commune because I wanted a place were I'd have more interaction with people to help my depression.  I also was tired of driving the RV around due to all the close calls we had during the journey back and fourth to New Orleans.

Well, we've been here several months and we hate it.  We already put money into a lot and a structure so we're not leaving, but the commune has turned into a cheap place to park the RV and a permanent address.  Nothing more.

Although there are some great people here, the bad ones make this place terrible, and there's a lot of bad ones.  It started with people seeing us as rich marks to rip off when we first got here, and then as we stayed people showed their true colors, little by little.  Someone here tried to destroy another person's life by emailing their criminal record to the whole community just because they were on a vindictive power trip.  It's sickening.  I have other examples of how terrible some of the people are, but this one person is the only one I'm so disgusted with that I will expose.

I said in a previous post that cheap or free camp grounds are often where the people society has thrown away congregate.  I mostly saw it in the form of old men who had alienated their families and basically been thrown away to die alone.  They tend to be people so terrible they deserve their fate. 

At this commune there are good people, there are good people who are dealing with heartbreaking problems, and there are societies throw aways.  Except here I've found one or two women along with the men.  With several exceptions the commune is a gutter clogged with societies refuse. 

All the good people here tend to hide.  You meet them once or twice, but they don't befriend you.  They've been burnt too many times.  The people who reach out have been a mixed bag.  In the end it's left us becoming like the other 'good people,' and just hiding in our home, trying not to associate with anyone.

My mother and I agree that we both hate it here.  We see the advantages:  it's a paid for home.  It's a lot with RV connections.  It's a permanent address to get our cars registered and drivers licenses.  If we have money problems we can stay here cheaply.  However, we don't want to stay here most of the time.  We're going to continue traveling.

We're stuck here right now since we started renovations on the small house.  We want to make it liveable so that when we come home we have a home where we can come to.  I also canceled my Verizon mi-fi since we got Hughes Net here.  I have some things that need to happen before we can travel again.  We really had big plans about settling, raising animals, doing aquaponics.  This place is just not where we want to be.

I read online about how people say communes are a big bag of problems.  I thought it would be different for me because I was going to be kind and positive and win people over.  HA.  The honeymoon was short, and now we've found a cesspool.