Sunday, August 30, 2015

Camping World Overnight Parking Myth

You can not park overnight at Camping World in Rocklin California, and if you dare to ask if it's okay they will be very douchy about it and inform you that they are not an RV park and they don't need more thieves in their lots overnight.

What is this myth about being able to stay overnight at Camping Worlds?  So far I'm batting zero.  It was annoying. 

We are at a rest area on the 80 between Sacramento and Reno spending the night instead.  It's 4am and I'm up because the trucks are loud and the RV stinks of exhaust fumes.  -_-

Friday, August 28, 2015

Freedom is Nigh!!

I have no one to blame but my cheap self for staying in Thousand Trails San Benito so long.  I despise this campground for the following reasons:
  1. If you find a 'working' 30 amp spot you still will not have enough power to run the air conditioner or microwave.  AND IT WAS HOT!  My poor cats...
  3. The water smelled funny when I first got here but I drank it anyway.  Then there were notices explaining a cracked pipe caused contamination.  Okay.  Fine.  The water was okay for a few weeks but now it smells like rotten eggs.  This time I ain't drinking it.  Suffice to say, San Benito has a water problem.
  4. Convenient to no where, as per usual.  I'm so glad we're done with Thousand Trails!!
  5. Cottontail bunnies are EVERYWHERE and when our screen door is open they come over to talk smack to my cats. 
Okay...I may be exaggerating on the last point...but there sure are a lot of bunnies.  And deer.  And foxes.  And supposedly a bobcat (which we thought we saw but it turned out to be a tomcat).

I toughed it out because I didn't want to blow money on another campground and my main priority was finishing my latest novel.  Here it is if you're interested (and yes, I know you're not).

Anyway, tomorrow we have to be OUTTA HERE.  But I don't have an RV park booked in Reno until September 1st.  So we're going to the Camping World in Rocklin California for a one night boondock, or a TA in Sparks, or Baldini Casino in Sparks NV.  We'll see.  For now my plan is the Camping World for the 29th.  The TA for the 30th.  And Baldini Casino for the 31st.  So if you never hear from me again have the police investigate these locations to discover the mystery of the missing author and her mom. 

(Which I hope will never happen, cuz seriously no one knows where we are or where we're supposed to be.  We could fall off the face of the planet it it would take a year for my two siblings to ever wonder what happened to us).

I can't tell you how happy I am to get away from this depressing dump.  The new era of RVing happiness begins tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


There is not much to post about of late, because we're staying in San Benito to run out the Thousand Trails clock.  I'm looking forward to Reno next month...for now we're in stasis mode.  I admit I've suffered a little of my old depression, but it's temporary.  We'll be moving on soon.

When we first got here our greatest annoyance were the electricity issues.  We couldn't run the A/C without tripping the breaker or causing our whole section of the park to lose power.  Some days were HOT. 

The weather has cooled lately, and a few days we've been able to get the A/C to work without issue.  The heat isn't what's annoying anymore.  It's ants.

I've never seen such dimwitted ants before in my life.  These are not normal ants.  With normal ants some scouts wander into your domain and find some bounty, be it a bowl of cat food or a cough drop who's wrapper isn't all the way closed, then the scout goes home to his ant hill while leaving a chemical trail and other ants follow it back.  You have a line of ants with a pile of them working the cat kibble or whatever.  You freak out.  You throw away the cat food, follow the trail to where they're getting in, and block it off with poison or by smooshing a tissue into the hole.  Then your ant problem is over until another scout gets in another way and finds another bounty to lead his army to.

This is how I'm accustomed to dealing with ants.  In my experience, they're usually small and red.  I've encountered those big black ones now and again, but they have more trouble squeezing through sealed doors.  The little red ones get in everywhere.

The ants in this campground are the usual size for red ants, but they have black heads and red bodies.  So, they're not the usual ant I've dealt with, and they make that all too clear. 

These ants are morons.  COMPLETE MORONS.  All they do is scout.  Scout, scout, scout.  Hundreds of scouts.  On your counter.  On your bed.  On your table.  On your walls.  On your ceiling.  I know some of them find stuff because before I squish them I sometimes see them carrying a breadcrumb or something.  And I know there are food stuffs available, like this rebellious blueberry I'm looking at under the table, where they can send for reinforcements to clear it out. 

That never happens, though.  I can't find a normal ant trail to destroy.  They're just every where.  I mean, seriously.  I sprayed all the RV's points of contact with the ground so I'm not seeing too many right now, but for a while you just had to look around for a little bit and you'd spot one.  Just one.  By itself.  WANDERING AROUND LIKE A MORON.

No organization here.  Just chaotic searching.  Why don't you idiots get it together?! 

Well, anyway, the good thing is that they don't seem to bite.  My mother and I have found so many crawling on us that if they bit we'd know it by now.  They're easily squished, and not swarming like the ants we usually deal with.  I'm especially allergic to ant bites.  I scratched the top layer of skin off my foot after an attack.  Fortunately, these are peaceful idiots.