Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'This Place Feels Like Home'

The title to this post is a quote from my mother.  We're at the Treasure Resort in Pahrump, and have decided to stay here until the end of November (weather permitting).  It's easily the nicest RV park that we stay at.  And since we lived in Pahrump for 2 years prior to going full-time, my mom attends her old church here and knows how to drive herself around on her own.

Things have changed since we were here last April.  Namely...

There's a casino in the cafe here now!!!  And that suits us fine.  We like to play the games now and then.  Having a smoke free casino right were we live is Awesome!!!

I've also taken up bird watching.  A lot of humming birds were buzzing in front of my window, likely because a past resident had a feeder for them.  I went out to get them one and decided to get a regular feeder too.

Here's the view out my window now.

It turns out that lots of people have humming bird feeders, but I haven't seen any seed feeders besides ours.  And boy has it been a hit!!  Gorgeous pink birds have been stuffing their beaks while larger birds dig through the litter on the ground to get what they drop.

I'm trying to get a good picture of the pink males of these birds but it's so hard!!!  Hopefully one came out.  They're so beautiful!

We're still on the Personal Trainer Diet, and will remain on it forever probably.  I've had to modify things due to weakness.  My body isn't able to do straight Atkins without a large intestine.  I had to take two days off to recover my strength.  Now I'm starting again with a new plan my body can handle.  BANZAI!!!

One more attempt to photograph that pink bird....

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