Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mexico Dentist Morning Clusterfuck

Yes I swore.  I find that most adults who stick their noses up at colorful language are sanctimonious and hypocritical.  Honest people swear. 

Today is my mother's dental appointment in Algodones Mexico with Isaias Iniguez D.D.S.  She's there right now getting the work done, so this isn't a rant about the actual work.  I don't know how that is yet.  I will report on it as soon as I do.

What this rant is about is the bullshit this dentist put us through this morning. 

Our instructions:  Call us when you're 15 minutes out.  Go to the last U-Turn before you enter Mexico.  We will pick your mother up there.

That's what I did.  No one ever came.  We called.  They said for her to go into Mexico and go to the Purple Liquis pharmacy. 

Um. NO.  That was not the plan.  First off we were told we were going to be picked up at the U-Turn so my mother left her good walker at home and just brought her cane.  She knew it would be hard to fit the walker in their car, and figured she wasn't going to be walking much anyway. 

Now they're saying for her to walk the long treacherous sidewalks into Mexico, and to have her stand in hawker heaven hoping that she gets into the right car?

I insisted that they come pick her up as they promised.  They said wait for a red CRV.  It never came.  I called again.  They hung up on me.  Another call.  Now they're not answering.  Everything goes to voicemail.

I would have said fuck them at this point, but they had a $500 deposit.

So I had to park in fucking $6 parking lot and get the broken 3-wheel walker out for my mom, hoping it wouldn't fold out on her.  Now we have to walk all the way to the fucking dentist through the store encapsulated sidewalks with assholes trying to rip us off at every step.  A cart blocks our way at one point and we have to fight our way through.  God I hate Mexico.

We get there and I cause a scene in her crowded waiting room.  WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?  HUH?  HUH?  DON'T FUCKING HANG UP ON ME!  DON'T LIE ABOUT PICKING US UP WHEN YOU WEREN'T GOING TO!  The middle-aged receptionist started apologizing in a panic and claiming she never told us to wait outside the border.  "We can't cross the border."  Bullshit.  You drove us out last time!  "I feel so bad I was going to pick you up myself.  I would have done that for you!"

I don't get why she thinks saying that makes it right.  My mom's Mexican pastor told me he was going to help fix my sprinklers at my old house and I was so happy that I bought a projector for his church.  But he never did it.  When people asked him why someone had 'donated' a projector he said, "Oh, I was going to help her with this huge sprinkler system."  Was going to.  He never did.  He got his projector and had me pound sand.

Is that a Mexican cultural thing?  Thinking that saying you're going to do something is just as good as actually doing it?  My mom has another similar anecdote from another Mexican from her church.  'Oh I told her I would help her.'  But you didn't help her when she asked.  'Yes, but I said if she needed anything to call me.'  Uh...she did call you.  You didn't help her.  'But I said I would do anything for her.'  You didn't.  It doesn't count.  It's flapping gums.  STFU. 

This is turning me racist.  I'm not going to believe promises if culturally it's believed just saying something is as good as actually doing it.

IT'S NOT.  Do what you say!  Don't lie!  Don't break your promises!  I don't care what fucking country you're from, this should be universal.

This was all on the idiot receptionist at the dentist (who I believe is the dentist's wife).  It doesn't mean the dentist himself is bad.  I'm hoping my mom still gets everything done correctly because they have our money.  If her teeth are fixed properly then their initial lies, secondary lies, and the bullshit hassle I just went through comes out in the wash. 

If anything goes wrong I will use everything in my power to lambast this bullshit dentist.  People research.  I will make sure he's on ever 'bad Mexican dentist list' there is.

Stay tuned.

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