Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to Boondocking

We didn't have to check out from the RV park until this morning, but we left last night.  We were anxious to get out of there.

We've moved to a BLM boondock between Carson City and Dayton a mile off of Highway 50.

It's close enough to Reno to continue with my mom's medical treatment, but free, quiet, remote, peaceful--just how we like it.  However...it's clear from the trash that this is a popular spot...

My mom told me to check the cooler to make sure there wasn't a dead baby inside.

Meh...whatever.  There's no one here now and we feel relatively safe.  We just hope someone from the Bureau of Land Management doesn't come by and think we're responsible for all this trash.

While we were at the RV park I got to talking to an elderly man who was very sick.  I was petting his dog and fussing over her the way I do with all animals I meet.  He asked me to take her.  He said that he needed three surgeries, one of which he was told was impossible, and that he was probably going into Hospice Care. 

My mom and I discussed it.  As much as we wanted to help the guy, we're just not dog people.  I sleep late and my mom has too much trouble walking to be taking the dog out to do his business when I'm asleep. 

I told him I couldn't take the dog, but I did put up a post on Craigs List for him.  If you're in the Reno/Carson City area and want a very sweet dog, please check it out: 

Here she is:

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