Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Camping at The Mad Greek in Baker CA

Today we left Pahrump after staying a month and a half.  We're on our way to Mexicali.  The goal today was to get to Barstow, where we were going to park at a steakhouse. 

Before we left Pahrump I had to get groceries and my mom needed to get a prescription filled.  This gave us a late start.  Around 3pm we were coming into Baker, CA.  The sun goes down around 4:30 lately due to the walls of mountains on all sides.  My mother can't drive at night due to a macula issue. 

Rather than chance getting into Barstow without a minute to spare, I pulled into the first RV/Truck lot I found in Baker, right on the highway coming in.  This is the Mad Greek, a place I know well.  I used to travel to California a lot for conventions related to one category of books I write (comic books, actually).  This is the road I always take.  Baker is the town you always go through.

I put the RV in a level-ish spot as far from the trucks as I could get.  Now, I wasn't sure if this was a legal place to stay overnight, so I was hesitant to open the slides.  But it's just too hard to get around in the RV with them closed.

We were worried.   I looked online to see if this was a legal boondock, because it got dark and my mom would be able to drive our follow car anywhere else (I drive the RV, she follows in our SUV). 

I went to get food at the Mad Greek and asked if we were okay.  Not only were we okay, we got 20% off our meal!  NICE!

So here we are tonight, comfortable an reassured.

We are waaaaaay in the back there.

Baker is famous for the world's largest thermometer.  Yay?