Thursday, June 25, 2015

Finally Leaving Acton!!

Well, my mom has a clean bill of health, we've visited my brother and seen his new babies, and it's gotten insanely hot.  TIME TO GET MOVING!!

We should have gotten out of here much sooner.  The 100 degree (Fahrenheit)  desert heat made going outside during the day impossible.  I got very lethargic.  Staying cooped up in the tin-can all day was not the life-style I signed up for when I decided to go RVing full-time.

So we're OUTTA HERE!  We're headed to Pismo Beach!  It's only seven days (our 'out days' for Thousand Trails) but what a great place to be out at!  We have a campground right on the beach.  I'm so excited!  I plan on fishing, clamming, beach combing--and if conditions permit I might even get back to doing some body surfing.

We'll reactivate our active selves and hopefully lose some of this heat weight gain in the process.

Today is the last day at our Acton campground.  I took advantage of our proximity to Los Angeles to pitch two screenplays I've had in my portfolio for a while.  (Well, one of them was in my portfolio, the other I came up with recently).  I have interest in BOTH projects.  I want to say more than that, but nothing is signed yet.  One thing I will say though, is that Hollywood is not as intimidating as I thought it was.  I really should have moved on these projects a long time ago.

I hosed out the black tank hoping I could clean off the sensors so I'll finally have a clear reading of how much poop is in my poop tank.  Well, no such luck.  It's reading half full.  :/  Apparently this is a common problem and I need to put a cup of dish soap and a cup of water softener to fix it.  I can't find water softener anywhere!!!  ARGH. 

I've hitched and disconnected everything except electric.  Tomorrow we just need to put in the slide, unhook the electric, batton down a few things and head north! 

See you on the beach!

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