Saturday, June 27, 2015


Wow...that's a horrible title for a blog post, but it does speak to what I'm feeling today.  We drove from Acton to Pismo Beach without a problem.  When we got to the RV park I was thrilled to get a pull-through spot.  Hooray! 

I have a problem I'm trying to work see, when things are in disarray I get stressed and snappy.  I found that this happens every time I move the RV.  In order to move we have to disconnect everything, pack everything up that's on counters and shelves, and I have to take all the stuff down from the shelf behind my bed.  Also we usually find that a cupboard has flung open during the drive to scatter it's contents everywhere.  Evil bitch Milly comes out when my world is in this situation.  She doesn't go away until every thing is back in place.

Well...this time would be different!  (I said)  This time I'm not even going to go into the RV once we're parked in our spot.  This time I'm going to unhitch and go out to dinner.  It will give me time to decompress from the journey.  Then I can get back to the RV and deal with the drama with a cool head.

All I did was open the slide and plug in the electric so our cats had A/C.  Then we headed for a seafoood restaurant I'd researched online. was terrible.  So overpriced, snotty, and with such low quality sea food.  I got really annoyed that we spent so much on such crappy food.

So I was in kind of a bad mood when I got back to deal with the mess.  My clever scheme hadn't worked at all.  I was still pissy and annoyed.

Well, I saw to hooking the water and sewer and trying to balance the front of the RV just right.  My mom handled the interior mess and cat comforting.  (Our cats are travel champs now.  They don't hide for hours after a move anymore.  They're such adaptable furry babies!)

Then she tells me that the RV is unlevel.  I go in to see that, yeah, we're seriously unlevel.  The kitchen drawers won't stay closed.

If it was just me I would have said:  Meh.  And lived with it.  Maybe that's a major RVing sin...maybe that will screw up my fridge or something...but I'm kind of stupid like that.  But since it's me and my mobility impaired mother I know I have to try to get this righted.  I put out some blocks with the idea of moving one side of the RV on them.

So I take out my stupid piece of crap tow dolly to save me from having to rehitch, and after going through all the trouble of connecting this to my battery and what not it can't get traction in the sand.  -_-  Ugh.  I'm really starting to hate this thing.  It's a pain in the ass to set up, heavy as all f*ck and and only works on hard packed dirt or pavement.  Anyone want to buy a barely used Parkit 360?  (I'm serious).

Now I feel I have to rehitch to move the RV on the blocks.  In retrospect I should have taken out my jack and just jacked up the tires.  In futurespect though, I don't know if that tiny jack will work with this huge/tall RV since I bought it to use with my tiny old RV.  But whatever, it didn't occur to try that shit at the time.

I want to rehitch but it's TIGHT.  I start struggling to position the SUV under the ball connection.  AHHHHH!  Why is it so hard?  It seriously took me 5 minutes to do this at the Acton campground.  I mean...I may not be able to back up an RV to save my life, but hitching?  I GOT THIS.

Except I didn't.  I struggled.  I was angry that I struggled.  A guy offered to move his truck to give me more room and I growled, "NO!"  On the inside I was saying, "Stay away, man!  I am not a pathetic woman!  I can hitch up my own damn RV!  I don't need you.  I DON'T NEED A MAN!!!"

Oh.  My.  God.

After struggling for a while longer a guy came up to the SUV, opened my driver side door, and told me to get out.

So...I got out.

Then he and the first guy I'd growled at worked together to get me on the blocks.

It hurts people.  I don't want to be that person.  I don't want any woman to be that person, but I, in particular, have no excuse to be so helpless.  This ain't my first rodeo.  I know how to hitch up my own damn RV.

Oh...and after all this...the RV is still out of whack.  I came to notice that all the RVs around me are up on blocks on one side.  We're on a hill.  My mother is complaining of vertigo.  FML.

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