Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crashed the RV

While trying to get gas in Vegas at a stupidly awkward gas station I ended up crashing into post.  I really screwed up and my confidence is shot.

The pumps were set up in a way that's like trying to park in a slanted parking space if you came in from the wrong direction.  And I clipped it.  Because I'm a moron.  UGH.

Then I struggled to find another gas station that I could manage.  I really thought I'd gotten good at this, but I haven't.  I'm a mess.

We left Pahrump today to head to Yuma.  With the RV accident we only made it to Laughlin.  We're in the parking lot of the Riverside Casino boondocking for the night.

We saw a whole lot full of RVs so we just huddled up next to one.  The security guard said it was fine.  We're home for now.

You might notice that there is a satellite on top of our SUV.  It's the mid-season finale of Walking Dead, people.  We're watching it right go.

It's nice to have all the luxuries of home no matter where we drive our home to.  If I can just keep from destroying it...

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