Monday, November 23, 2015

Dreaming of Moving On

So it's almost the end of our second month in Pahrump and we are itching to hit the road.  I admit this park is great.  Awesome spaces, cheap rent, no electric/ant problems, nice cafe, a store, garbage and propane service.  Also my mom's church is here and she knows her way around town enough to drive herself places.

What's bad is the weather.  It's FREEZING!!  I'm in a sweater shivering as I type this.  We do not have a space heater and have been using propane.  It runs out so fast!!  It seems to take a gallon a night to heat this place.  We've bought 15 gallons so far and will probably need at least 5 more to get us through. 
Our poor kitty Precious needs two blankets every night now.

Yes, we should probably buy a space heater or two.  I just don't know where we'd put them, both when we travel and while we're here.  My mom's room is mostly closed off from the rest of the RV and there's no place to stick it in her bedroom without touching the walls.  Same with my little alcove.  We could stick it in the middle of the RV but will that little thing really work?  I just don't know...

For now the plan is to keep ahead of the weather.  We are continuing south. 

I'm going to boondock a night in Quartzsite Arizona to see if we want to spend February there.  We're well equipped for long boondocks, so long as a honey wagon will pump us and we get some LEDs to replace some of our inefficient lights.  It would be cheaper than an RV park, and that's great for a few lean months ahead.  I would love if it was 'good enough' so it can be my go-to place when I'm broke.

On the other hand...I don't want to be miserable.  So we'll see.  :/ 

For December we've got a month at an RV park in Yuma, and then a month in San Diego.  Hopefully we'll stay good and warm.

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