Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Don't Even Know Where to Begin

Well...we bought a new RV. 

We got it last month February, 2016

After we drove to Yuma in December and I hit a post with the trailer I never wanted to tow again.  I kept telling myself to just stay put, months at a time, and wait until the travel trailer was paid off before buying a new rig.

I mentioned before how I was stressing over the thought of a huge RV payment for the next 20 years.  I thought I could resist the lure of an $80,000 new motor home.

But I couldn't.  I never want to tow again.  NEVER!  I hate towing!  I HATE IT!  I hate trying to get gas at these gas stations meant for tiny cars.  I hated hitching up.  I hated not being able to boondock for extended periods because hooking and unhooking the trailer was such a pain in the ass.  I hated not being able to back into RV spaces and having to beg or bribe men to back in for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I don't hate living in the old RV, when we were parked, unhitched, and new we were staying put for a while.  The problem was that it was tough to write with all the distractions.  I needed more privacy and a better place to work besides a dinette where I was facing my mother.  Mostly though...I needed something that wasn't Hell to transport.

With this motor home and its generator we are going to be able to boondock on BLM land the way I'd always intended.  In fact, that's what we're doing right now.  We got out of Yuma to BLM in California and plan to stay here the month.  It's the LTVA near Senator's Wash.  If I have the energy (I've been lacking that lately) I will take pictures of our beautiful temporary home.

The new RV is awesome.  We already had a long trip in it when I went back to Nevada to register it.  I love driving this thing.  It handles like a dream.  I'm not stressing at the prospect of moving it here or there.  Getting gas is easy.  If I get in a corner it's easy to back up and turn around. 

It can incognito boondock in a parking lot too!  It only takes two spots.  The coach is fully accessible with the slides in!

 I have an office now.  Sadly the fricking table ripped off the wall, but I've put a new table in place. 

Here's how it was before.

I had to do a ghetto fix.  Yeah.  Making the $80k RV look dumpy already.
The table ripped out of the wall.  There just wasn't a good fix for that table.  It had one point of connection and the screws were in particle type wood.  I guess it wasn't meant to be in dinette form when we drove with it.  This is actually a bunk bed, but I keep it as a dinette to have as my office.  There's a curtain I can hang up for even more privacy.  I'm working here now.  I love it!

I also love my loft.  The cab over bunk is huge and I can sit up in there.  It's another place where I can use the computer.

Here it is before we moved in.

Here it is now.  My mom didn't want to be in the picture.
There's a bunch of other stuff to report on top of this.  We got a washing machine so we can truly stay off the grid.  We have solar getting installed on Friday.  We have new crappy inverters instead of my old mac-daddy one.  I will post about this stuff at another time.  I really need to get writing on the next book.  This $80k RV ain't gonna pay itself.  x_x  I also need to update the blog image.  Yargh.

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