Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween at a Trick or Treating RV Park

We're still in Pahrump finishing what we need to do before heading south and then east.  Today we went to the Lakeside Casino RV park (a Passport America 1/2 price park) to do our showering and dumping as usual.

When I checked in the woman asked if I wanted to hand out candy.  They would provide me three big bags if yes.  Of course!  What fun!

"We get around 1,500 trick or treaters."  @_@  Woah!  That sounds like a big deal!

After my shower I got dressed up to look nice while handing out treats...then I decided to put my mom in a costume. 

But what costume could one make with stuff one might find in an average RV without any preparation for Halloween whatsoever? 

I say if all else fails you can always make a fortune-teller costume on the fly!  Here's how she came out:

No crystal ball--but I had a deck of tarot cards for her! orange can look like a small pumpkin in a pinch.

It was fun, but it was nonstop kids.  It was like making up for my last ten years of zero trick or treaters all in one night!  I ran out of candy and booked it to the store, but then ran out again.  We had to tear down and hide inside at 6:30pm.

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