Monday, October 17, 2016

Read Listings Carefully with Passport America

We've been staying in a friend's yard for the last few weeks.  I need to be in this area because I'm being flyed out for a convention from the airport here.  I'm not going to give the exact location info because of reasons.  This isn't a boondock anyone can use other than me and my mom anyway (since we're with a friend).

Today was our dump/shower/laundry day.  As you know I usually go to Passport America RV parks so we can get everything done for $12-$20.  We've been going to this one RV park for the last few dumps, but were told last time that they only gave 3 days per month and we would not be able to use Passport America again until November.

Annoying, but whatever.  There is another Passport America park in town so I went there today.  And, of course, it didn't work out.  This park only accepts Passport America until the end of September.  

It was my fault for not reading the listing, but lesson learned.

Instead of paying $50 to camp there, we paid $10 to dump.  Now we're back in our friend's yard and just need to take showers.  For laundry either my friend will let us do it at their house or I'll use my buckets.   :/  

We're welcome to shower in my friend's house but really don't like to.  There are thirsty roaches who like to hang out in her tubs.  Kind of major ick factor for me.  Also my friend has a creepy husband and I just don't like being naked in his house.

Anywho, we're going to watch to see their car leave and then run over and fight the roaches for a bath while they're out.  We'll see how they feel about sharing their washing machine, but, as I said, I'll use the buckets and plunger if I have to.

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