Friday, May 12, 2017

Last Pre-Commune Post

At the next monthly meeting the commune will vote on whether or not my mom can be members.  The Oracle is coming to divine the tea-leaves and there will be prayers to High Lord Zoraster so we might be assured my acceptance is of His great will.  At that time I will give up my materials and financial instruments so that all of the holy order may share equally, and further shall I partake equally of the work, which is currently the raising of soy beans.  Give praise, my friends, for soon I shall be on the path to true enlightenment.

Nah, I'm playing.  It's not that kind of commune.  :p  But we are going to be put up to a vote at the next meeting, and then I will be buying one of the plots of land here and getting back to homesteading.  We've decided on buying a 250sq ft adobe building and making it our tiny house.  The small parcel will let me get back to aquaponics (which I used to do with a modicum of success in Pahrump) raising chickens (chicken feed is 1/3rd the cost here as it was in Pahrump) planting and irrigating fruit trees (mulberry and pomegranite) and possibly raising some sheep for the meat.

We are proceeding as though we're going to be here for good.  My mom has started getting into the healthcare network here.  We're amazed at the quality we're finding in this rural area.  Gone are the 12 hour waits in emergency rooms or 2 month waits for doctor appointments.  My mom went to see about pain associated with her gallbladder two weeks ago and has already had a HIDA scan, ultrasound, and labs, all of which she has gotten the results of within a day or less. Does this sound normal to you?  It's not to me.  I lived in Boston and Las Vegas, and though I got great care at Brigham and Womens in Boston they were desperately understaffed and overcrowded.  In Las Vegas both me and my mother got horrifyingly bad care, and that's only if we set up camp in the ER for the hours and hours it would take to be seen.  When I was seen for kidney failure I was left on a gurney in a busy hallway for the ENTIRE time I was in the hospital because a room never opened.  AND I THOUGHT THIS WAS NORMAL.

So, Columbus and Deming get an A+ for the health services they offer.  Hopefully I'll be able to use them if I need them because I'm on Obamacare right now and my pre-existings are a list a mile long.  When I didn't have Obamacare I paid $980/month for insurance.  I can't afford to go back to that.

But enough about politics.  We've been in the RV space at the commune the last month and a half now.  We've met many people we like, and a few who we can't connect with.  The people in the village are super-nice, and this goes for Deming also.  Being on the Mexico border is nice too, especially when you need cheap meds. 

What wasn't nice was that my Verizon hotspot was bouncing off a Mexican tower and they said I was roaming.  The problem happened on and off for an hour or so until yesterday, when it went on all day.  I tried to get some kind of resolution, but you know how it goes.  I have to jump through hoops and accomodate them for a problem they're causing me.  I canceled my service today--which would be scary, since it was my only reliable Internet for the last two years, but I couldn't use it anyway since I was 'roaming' so screw it.

I went to the Walmart 30 miles away and got a T Mobile phone with a data plan that seemed reasonable.  It's really spotty.  I need to get a better solution, but I'll just deal with this for now. 

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