Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Getting About Time to Hit the Dusty Trail...

So we leave Reno day after tomorrow.  The park was kind of a bad scene.  I hate to say that I had to call the police over some really upsetting domestic violence making the trailer beside us jump around.  Honestly though, things are usually quiet and we made it through our month here just fine.

Yes, this was kind of a dumpy place, but the power worked without fail.  The tap water was drinkable with no stink to it.  No ants.  The showers were serviceable.  The staff here was super nice too, very easy going, and people were generally friendly when you were friendly to them, no matter how mean they looked in passing.

I would still recommend this place for people to stay at, but with caveats.  C'est la vie.

Well, we've been on the Personal Trainer Diet for a little over three weeks now.  I've lost 14 pounds and my mother lost 11.  We're committed to sticking with the program and have ordered twice so far.

If the food didn't taste so good, if the prep wasn't so easy, and if the price wasn't so great--then it might have been a problem.  But this makes dieting so easy we'd be dumb not to stick with it.  I'm telling you, this is a great program to check out:  http://bit.ly/1PTOkqG  THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS.  And it's cheaper than buying groceries for a lot of people. 

Please use my link if you sign up.  I get a referral bonus.  I've already gotten one!  Who ever ordered with them through me THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Once again, yes, a month of food WILL fit in your RV freezer and fridge.  Check out my other post about that with a picture (two posts ago).

I've tried to sell some of my friends on the diet.  Some are saying they can't live without carbs and sweets.  Look, if my Puerto Rican mom and me can live with out rice (BELOVED RICE!)  And if I can give up my beloved taffy, then YOU CAN DO THIS.  And when you start seeing the weight come off you will get very motivated.

My mom and I still eat out.  We've been going to the Grand Sierra Resort here in Reno and ordering their delicious salads.  I have a steak salad and my mom has a variation of a Chef salad.  And we both fawn over how delicious these salads are as we eat them.  And it occurred to us, we *claimed* we were committed to losing weight before we were on this diet, but we never ordered salads before.  We always ate huge fattening portions of food thinking it would somehow come out in the wash.  Actually being on a diet with strict guidelines has gotten us to eat the way we *should* have been eating.  And as we eat the big salads, which do not hurt our diets in any way, we realize how delicious they are!  Why were we so bullheaded before?

We're heading down to Pahrump soon.  We'll be staying at the Treasure Resort, where we stayed for a month when we first started full-timing.  This RV park has a full gym that they sell memberships to.  What a great chance to kick our diets into high gear!  I am seriously looking forward to working out every day.  I want to get some serious muscles going!

Before Pahrump, however, is a boondock in Tonapah.  We boondocked for three nights in a row before we settled into this park.  It was chaotic, but kind of fun.  I liked waking up somewhere different each morning.  I love being able to move my whole house whenever I want.  It's great to just park somewhere and have everything we need, even if we don't have hookups.

Hopefully there will be no boondock boondoggles as has happened in the past.  I'm doing BLM land.  Wish me luck!

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