Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tonopah Nevada Boondock

Hello from Tonopah!  We made it to the BLM boondock described to me here:!10273&query=sitedetails

This looks like a good boondock.  You don't pull off by the BLM office as described on that site, but go further until you see a dirt road with a cow rail across it on you left as you go south on 95.  This will take you to a circle of dirt with lots of unlevel spots.  Scout around past the old fire pits and you can get a level-ish area.  It is easy on, easy off, just as reported, with a big circle to drive around to get back to the dirt road.

The pictures are from the Tonopah station, where we stopped before getting here.  It's a tiny casino with an unspectacular cafe.  I wish we'd gone to the BBQ place we passed before getting to it instead.
It's cloudy, but our batteries are still charged up from the RV park.  We should be fine for one night.  It's a good temperature here with a nice breeze.

Tonopah is a beat-up old west town with a lot of relics from the past that would look like deliberately built tourist buildings elsewhere, but are just really old buildings here.  There's a lot of old buildings in town that still have the old west facades from the 1800s, but you can tell they are just old, and not trying to fake that look. 
There's a lot of old mining relics, dilapidated and dangerous looking.  Also a gigantic old hotel that was just completely abandoned.  It's a real eye-sore as you drive into town. 
Anyway, when I'm driving and towing the rig I'm too stressed to be snapping pictures.  You'll have to make do with what I snapped at Tonopah station.  If you prefer to stay at an RV park, rather than a perfectly good boondock, we were quoted $27 to stay in the RV park there for the night.
I'm glad we didn't plan to stay here long.  It's kind of a depressing 'One McDonald Town' like Pahrump.  At least in Pahrump we have my mom's church and that kick-ass RV park we like.  So...tomorrow we continue onward!
This isn't the majestic kind of boondocks you get from RV Sue.  It's desert scrub brush, broken bottles, and scorched earth firepits.  Meh.  It will do for tonight.  It was halfway between Reno and Pahrump so it was the perfect stopping place.
Some kids pulled over to rock hunt but quickly either got bored of it or creeped out by our presence and left.  I think we'll be safe for one night.  Wish us luck!!!

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