Sunday, March 19, 2017

Heading Back To New Mexico

So we've been back for seven days now.  We stayed at the state park near New Orleans for three days of decompression, then I tried to get back to New Mexico in four days.

It didn't work.  The first night we were in Breau Bridge again, but this time at Crawfish City, a restaurant with RV parking who allowed us to stay over night.  Then we went to the Sam Houston National Forest to overnight at the equestrian parking area again.

After that I tried to make it all the way across Texas, but lost steam in Temple.  Lo and behold I got misdirected by Garmin and ended up at an RV park we stayed at last time we were in the area.  I pulled in, too exhausted to go further.  Recovery occurred last night.  Then this morning I found I was still too beat up to continue.  We paid for a second night and are still here.

After this two day rest I should be able to complete the final leg of my final journey.  I say final journey because we're headed back to the Intentional Community to buy land and park the RV permanently.

I'm done traveling.  I want to get back to homesteading and be in a nice community where I won't get lonely.

But we're keeping the RV.  We'll stay mobile in case we ever need to get on the move again.

Tomorrow we will camp in Junction Texas.  Then one more Texas stop, and we'll be 'Home' at the commune on the Mexico border.

I can't wait to start this new chapter of my life.

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