Monday, May 11, 2015

Follow-up Food Post

If you read my last post you know I had a meal-plan set up.  Today and tomorrow we would eat off a pork roast.  I wanted to get a small one, but the only ones out were huge.  This was a 9+ pound roast for $9.00 at Staters.

Here it is all baked on top of my stove (the stove lid is down).  It barely fit in the oven, but I thought I managed to get it in without touching the top.  Unfortunately this thing plumped when I cooked it.  I guess this is the sort of thing you don't notice when you have a normal sized oven.  It was pressed against the top of the oven when I went to take it out.  It also dripped juice over the side of the pan.  -_-  I foresee an annoying oven cleaning in my future.

I'm more worried about the heat sensor though.  Apparently I bent it when I shoved the big thing in.  Aw geez!!

It was still delish though.  I served it with yellow rice cooked in my rice cooker.  This is an old rice cooker and I bought a new fangled one to replace it once.  I just didn't like the new one.  I ended up selling it and keeping my beat up old rice cooker.  It's just the best rice cooker!!

This rice will give us 8 meals worth of food.  (Lunch and dinner today and tomorrow).

Add a bag of salad from the 99 Cent Only store and we had ourselves a lunch!

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