Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Used the RV Oven

When I lived in a standalone house (a little over a month ago) I tended to bake a lot.  It was an easy way to cook chicken and make a good meal.  I was hesitant to continue this in the RV because 1.  Propane is expensive, and 2.  This ain't no self-cleaning oven, yo'. 

Well, I got that picnic ham and I decided to bake it instead of putting it in the slow cooker overnight.  The slow cooker is the more economical option since it runs on electricity that we don't have to pay for.  But the ham was defrosted this morning and I wanted it for lunch and dinner today.

 This is the 'ham' coated with Adobo.  That's my go to spice.  It makes great chicken and pork and doesn't have MSG.  It's something I inherited from my Puerto Rican mother.  This wouldn't have fit in the oven if I left the rack in so I put it right on top of the metal sheet thing that's screwed in there.  Is this okay?  I dunno.  But it seems to be cooking okay.

To light the oven you have to turn the oven knob to 'light pilot' and push it in.  Then reach your arm far into the oven and light the end of the little pilot tube.  Then you have to turn the nob toward the temperature you want to cook with and the burner flames will light up.  After that you can turned it back to 'light pilot' to leave the pilot on if you're going to bake some more, or just shut it all the way down and save your precious propane.

So, there you have it.  Baking a cheapie hunk of pork (probably not tecnically a ham, but a good hunk of meat nonetheless for $.99/pound at Staters) using the RV oven.

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