Friday, May 22, 2015

Holiday Weekend Cometh

I haven't posted in a while, I know.  I've been busy finishing up my novel.  As I've said before, my monthly income has tanked and I really need to build up sales again.  The new novel is in hands of my editor and should be up soon!!

Today we went to the post office and picked up our mail, which we had sent general delivery.  We had a nice envelope full of paperwork from our house sale, and a bunch of checks with refunds and such.  Woohoo!

The Post Office in Acton has no sign and is in an old-timey tourist plaza.  Here's the picture from, except the sign was gone when we went there today.  Made it hard to find.

The store next to it was a really nice market with a full wine selection and deli in back.  It was a very 'upscale small town' sort of market.  Touristy, but not overly expensive. 

Sometimes I think Acton would be a nice place to live, but there really isn't that much to do here.  You have to go to Palmdale for bigger stores and stuff.  Palmdale is kind of slummy.

RVs have been filling the campground all day for the holiday weekend.  We have an empty space beside us where all sorts of birds congregate.  Ravens, crows, and lots of pretty colorful small birds who I don't know the names of, but who drive my cats nuts.  We kept watching the RVs coming in hoping none would park in that spot.  So far so good!

I like campground living, especially in beautiful scenery and weather like we have here.  Before I went full-time I read RV Sue's blog to learn all I could about the lifestyle.  This is a woman who never seems to camp anywhere there are hook-ups.  She mentioned a Thousand Trails campground in a recent post and says it's the type of place she hates. 

Well...I guess it just goes to show we're all different.  I don't mind being around other people.  I don't mind mowed lawns or strategically planted trees.  I'm a city girl and this is nature to me.  I also like the convenience of full hookups.

I thought I'd be a boondocker like her, but that's not really what I want out of this life.  I did isolation before and it just agitated my depression.  I think I'm headed on the right path toward finding the life I want.  I was silly to try to model myself after anyone. We should all be careful to read the blogs of successful people and think, 'I'll just do what she does.'  We all have to find our own paths to happiness.


  1. It sounds like a place with a definite bit of charm. And I can understand the appeal of getting to move on to the next charming little place afterwards!

    I saw this online and thought you might want to consider an upgrade >:o

    1. Oooo...interesting. I love tiny houses! It looks like we're going to be staying near this campground until the end of July.