Thursday, March 19, 2015

Buying Crap!

Well, not crap.  I'm buying stuff I need/want right now since I still have this mailing address.  Getting stuff from Amazon is going to get trickier in the future.  So here we go!  (These items are affiliate links from Amazon.  Turn off your add blocker to see them).

1.  A 3 Quart Crock Pot

I want an easy way to prepare meals in the RV.  It's great to have an oven, but it's tiny and appears to be annoying to light.  I don't want multiple pots and pans getting dirty because we're losing our dishwasher. 

I want to use the heck out of this nice 3 quart 'travel' crock pot so meals can be a little simpler.   My plan is to dump in all the ingredients the night before.  Let it go all night.  Then cook rice or quinoa at lunch to go with whatever I have cooking up.  I'm giving it a trail run tonight with healthy low-calorie chickpea curry.

2.  A Sun Pancho.

Okay.  FINE.  It's actually one of those capes they throw over you when you get your hair cut at a salon.  There is no such thing as a Sun Pancho.  I ought to make my own and pitch it on Shark Tank.

I am a very pale woman.  I have two shades:  pale and sunburned.  I don't tan.  Now, many activities I love, such as fishing, skating (um...what I call skating anyway), and exploring require exposure to the sun.  My face will always be slathered with heaping gobs of...well, this product:

My neckline, arms, and back of the neck will still be glowing white targets for the suns evil rays.  So, when I'm out on the lake or pond fishing I'm throwing this thing over me.  I'll also have a hat with a bandana under it to protect my neck.  (Actually, I wanted to get a full-on Muslim headscarf, but I don't want to insult anyone's religious beliefs.)

I want to actually get on the water to fish and relax.  My original plan was to get a big plastic dinghy that I could tie to the top of the SUV.  Then I remembered how incredibly lazy I am.  :/  So I got this:

3.  An Inflatable Raft.

Now, unless technology has vastly improved since I was a little kid, I accept that I'm probably going to use this a total of 3 times before it pops.  Meh, whatever.  It was cheap.

4.  A Curling Iron

A curling iron?  What does that have to do with RVing?  Squat.  That's what.  What this curling iron is really about is me starting to give a damn about my appearance again.

I am ready to rejoin society after two years in isolation.  I want to look cute, damn it!  I want to start actually putting an effort in.

If I may get a bit personal...  This last year of living in Pahrump I've been extremely depressed.  I came here to buy land to homestead and failed on a massive scale.  I found myself completely isolated from most people in dreary surroundings.  I lost all the external stimuli that had kept me going when I lived in Las Vegas.  What I had was time to be alone with my demons, and with illness, with failure, with weightgain--and I let myself go.

Depression is kind of like this:  You told yourself you would clean the house every Monday, but this Monday you just didn't want to.  And then another Monday has passed.  And you haven't showered in a few days.  And you actually went into a convenience store in your Hello Kitty pants because you needed something and no longer gave a damn how you looked.

I have not been giving a damn for the last year.

Well I am done with not giving a damn!  Today I went into a beauty salon and got a thick set of bangs.  I look so cute!  I was happy, and every time I looked in the mirror I felt happier.

The curling iron is so I can get the bangs in shape every morning, because my hair is a giant ball of friz.  I bought hairspray, too, something I haven't even thought of using for years.

5.  A New Mattress For My Mom

I am making her buy this with her own money (for once) so I don't have a link for what she got.  I bought her a new mattress for our old RV.  She's demanding another new one for this new RV.  Le sigh.

6.  A Fitbit

My mom and I are going to lose weight!  WE ARE.  I am determined!  I used to be relatively thin, but I gained 50 pounds while laid up with bone cancer in my leg.  I refuse to go back to being the fat girl I used to be anymore!

This is part of the reason we chose the Treasure Resort for our first month of full-timing.  They have an incredible fitness center!  

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