Sunday, March 29, 2015

Colorado River Adventures Part 3

Well, the dust has settled and I've had time to go over my paperwork.

The gas rebate has fine print on it that makes it impossible to redeem.  I have in writing that I would be giving a 'fuel cert', not a rebate, but I was fine with the rebate when she said I just had to collect four receipts and mail it in.

It's impossible to redeem the gas rebate they give you.

The receipts must be 60 days apart and the rebate expires 240 days from when it was issued.  So they're not actually giving you anything you could possibly use.  I got expensive Shell gas on the first day.  I would have to time three more purchases exactly 60 days apart to get receipts that are valid for their offer.  60, 120, 180, 240.  The day this expires is the day when I'm supposed to get my last receipt.  Unless I'm actually in Parker Arizona to both get the gas and turn the rebate in in person I can't redeem this.

The tablet is a piece of junk.

I've boxed it back up after struggling for two hours to try and download an app.  All their built in app programs can't connect, despite me being connected with four bars on wifi, and you also can't download Google Play or iTunes in order to use them to get your apps.  I get frustrated with crappy shit fast.  Maybe if I jump through 20 more hoops I can eventually get this piece of shit to work properly, but I'd rather get rid of it.  My time is more valuable than this.


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