Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things are Humming Along!

Today I went to the store that shall not be named (starts with W) and purchased three huge batteries and a nice plastic tub to house them.

These are easily 75 pounds a piece.  The guy from Four Seasons RV said to get 31AH or higher.  The highest the W store had was 29AH.  I understand that the higher you go the bigger the battery.  I'm barely going to fit these three in the RV basement.

These hopefully will be good enough!


The plastic tub I got will fit all three batteries and will fit in the RV basement (yay!).  So with the vent thing I bought in the last post we should have a good house for them with a vent that will get the battery acid fumes out of the storage area.  Some holes will have to be drilled for the vent and the wires.  I'll leave that to the professional.

Sultan felt a cute cat picture was necessary at this point, so here he is!  


We've been trying to sell our house since January.  We got an great offer Monday and signed off on it!  We (the mother and I) were so relieved that we would be done with house showings. 


We got a call from the real estate agent asking if she could bring the buyers by to see the house.  What?  Didn't they already see it?  Weren't they the people who came last week?

Apparently the people who are buying our house bought it sight unseen!


Things have been crazy with the housing market in Pahrump Nevada for the last two weeks.  We used to be lucky to have a showing every two weeks or so.  Then suddenly we were getting two showings a week!  On Monday we had two offers!  We signed off on this one before the other was presented to us.  It was a good offer, but we would have been happy with the other offer too.  House sales just picked up like crazy lately!

I was glad to meet the nice retired couple who are buying our house.  They really seemed to like it.  We've had a sale fall through in the past which made me nervous the second time around.  I really think this sale is going to go through.  They were very determined to get our house!  We're selling it furnished and they liked our furniture, especially my mother's adjustable bed!  This is going to make it easy from them to move here from up North.

As you know I'm a novelist...

I make a very decent income, but it can fluctuate wildly.  I don't have the security of a predictable pay check.  Part of being able to do what I love full-time means I need to live very frugally.  Two years ago we bought the house we live in for $32,700.

Yes--it was that cheap!

Because it was a hoarder house with walls caved in, knee-high piles of trash, and a stench that would kill a house plant.  We filled a 16-wheeler with the trash we had to haul out of this place.  I spent a month cleaning and renovating before we were able to move in.  We put in new floors, new toilets, ceiling fans, new walls, new roof, new appliances, new central air, new vents--on and on!!  We made this house beautiful.  And now we're selling it for $70,000.

Yes, that's still very cheap.  It's a 20 year old manufactured home, but I still think it's wonderful now.  The new owners should be very happy with it.  It has an acre of land surrounded by a nice chain link fence.  :)

Beside the house in this picture is our old KZ Sportsman.  My mom said it was too small to live full time in.  I tried to convince her otherwise, but I want her to be happy.  We got our much bigger Forest River now.  I know for sure we'll live happily in there!  It's huge and so nice.  Even if we decide we don't want to travel any more we can park it somewhere and still live in it very happily.


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