Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thinking About Workamping

Eight days until launch!  And I'm already getting some crazy ideas...like getting a job!

I have been self-employed since 1999.

But part of the reason I want to get on the road is to meet people and have fun experiences in awesome places.  A nice workamping gig might just get me what I'm looking for.  It would also give us a stable place to park the RV for the summer. 

I'm thinking really hard about this prospect.  If I want to find work for the summer season I need to land a gig now.  However, I'm a woman of my word and I don't want to find myself in an unpleasant situation.  I'm the type who will tough it out for as long as I signed up for. 

I posted the following on two workamping sites that let people post 'work wanted' classifieds:

Milly and Maria    (Two Workers)
Position Wanted:   Desk, Housekeeping, or Waitstaff, and Something Light for Mom
Location Desired:   CA, OR, WA, ID, CO, WY, MT, UT, ND, SD, NE
Availability:   May 11th, 2015
Compensation Needed:   RV Space and the rest is negotiable

About us:
Hi! I'm Milly, I travel full-time in a 31' Travel Trailer with my 66 year old mother and two cats. My mother Maria is bilingual (Spanish/English) incredibly cheery, happy, kind, and has the type of personality people fall in love with. However, she's mobility impaired and uses a cane. I'm trying to find a position for her where she won't have to be on her feet all day, or doing anything too strenuous. She'd be a great laundry-room attendant or possibly a hostess.

If you can find a position suitable for my mother you get me included in the package! I'm able-bodied, also cheerful, and have a great attitude! I've been self-employed with online businesses for the last 16 years, but prior to that I worked as a waitress, a hotel housekeeper, a janitor, and I'm equally good for data-entry, clerk, or front of house jobs.

I am detail-oriented, meaning if I walk buy a trash can with the trash bag looking loose and messy I will go and fix it (even if no one is looking). I don't have an iPhone or any other device that I'm going to be stealing minutes from the job to check. I also can turn into that super-sweet Disney employee like my mom to make sure guests have the best experience possible. If someone is unhappy about something I'm going to be sympathetic and kind to resolve their issue. I'm not too proud to turn messy toilets into sparkling commodes of beauty, and I can make-up a hotel bed with military precision! You might want to utilize me more for front of house type stuff, because I will make guests happy and be a great addition to any dedicated team.

We need work for both of us where we can park our RV. We are set-up for Dry Camping, so we don't need hook-ups as long as a dump station is available. However, if your summer is hot we need electricity to run our AC! We would like a meal option if possible. Pay would be nice. We would also prefer not to work more than 24 hours per week.

Rig Description:
2015 31' Travel Trailer with Slide and Nissan Armada

I type 60 words per minute and have great computer skills (Word, Excel, HTML, and more). I can also clean hotel rooms, interact with the public, learn reservation and phone systems, wait tables, and provide awesome customer service.

My mom can work at a visitor information center, be a laundry room attendant, or do other light jobs. Her cheery personality brightens any room.

I've been self-employeed for the last 16 years, but prior to that: I worked the register at a college book store and managed my own branch of that book store. I was a chambermaid at a Days Inn for 5 years. I was a waitress at a family restaurant for 3 years. I was a Technical Writer a semiconductor company for two years. I currently make my living as a romance novelist.

My mother has been retired for 11 years but was previously a medical records coder for 37 years.

Smoker?   No
Drinker?   No
Pets?   Yes
Kids?   No

So that's the listing I put out.  I'm not sure if anyone looks at those listings, but who knows.  I guess if I really want a job I need to put out some inquiries.

The most important compensation for me is an RV space.  I want full hook-ups, but I can get by with just a dump station as long as I don't have to run the AC.  This is part of the reason I'm targeting northern states. 

My ideal situation is to do some work in exchange for getting to stay at an awesome place that I would never fork over the money to stay at normally.  Like Morro Bay or Pismo Beach or something.  I'd work 24 hours a week for a site in a kick-ass coastal park.  I'm looking at other options too, though.  We'll see!

If you're an experienced Workamper I'd love to hear from you.  I seriously have no idea what a Camp Host really does.  I don't actually want to be cleaning toilets...

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