Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting Unfettered

I know I should post more if I want this blog to gain traction.  I'm just so lousy at taking pictures.  Nothing seems 'rv blog' post worthy.  There was also some depression creeping back into my life over the last few weeks, though I hesitate to qualify it as depression since I had legitimate things really upsetting me.

We were having an issue with the house sale.  I mean, the whole reason I'm camping this month in Pahrump is to finish selling the house so we can leave for good.

The house was supposed to close on the 10th.

But then this last minute lien came in that my attorney assured me was legitimate.  That really sucked.  What sucked more was that the lien-holder wanted other things from me besides the money so they were not giving the title company the pay-off amount for me to just pay-off the lien and still sell my house.  They were refusing to do this in order to use it as leverage to get more from me.

We're on our THIRD extension.

Frankly, I was ready to just give up.  I refused to get into a protracted legal battle with belligerent bungholes.  On Friday I told my realtor to tell me how I could get out of the sale.  What would I owe the buyers for all their inspections and so forth?  This was a dismal prospect.  I seriously don't want anything more to do with Pahrump.  Becoming a landlord was the last thing you'd find on my wishlist.

But then, out of the blue, the lien-holder finally sent the pay-off!!  THE NIGHTMARE WAS OVER!  I'm still holding my breath to see if it will be true.  As it stand now we're supposed to close on Monday. 

The RV was turning into a not so happy place while I dealt with this drama.

I hated this.  I wanted this to be my happy place so I could start a vibrant new life where I wouldn't be prey to my depression.  I was seriously in a rut, people.  I about shitty things that could happen.  I was constantly checking my email and calling the title company hoping beyond hope that we'd get that damn pay-off. 

We were staying at the Treasure resort because it had this great fitness center and we wanted to lose weight before we began our travels in earnest.  HA.  I was too stressed and upset to keep to a good eating plan.  I'm exactly the same weight now as when I came here.  It was such a waste.

I also wasn't able to write due to this sword of damacles hanging over my head.  I know I mentioned it before, but when I get the royalties for this month in July it's going to be one heck of a lean month. 

Well, everything's change for the better as of Friday!  

I exercised and kept to a good diet today.  Besides that:  I wrote the first 2,000 words of my next novel!! It will be called Aliens' Bride or Aliens' Bride: Selena.  Not sure yet.  It's in the same universe as my Alien's Bride series.  I am pulling all the stops for this one!!  It will be really good.  Hopefully it will be done by mid-May.  My other Alien's Bride books can be checked out here.

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