Friday, April 3, 2015

The Secret Weapon...

In my last post I said April 1 was our first day full-time camping.  I guess technically March 31st was, since we dry camped in front of our house.  That's why I was able to discuss the cat's reactions to the first night of the move.

So here we are in Treasure Nevada RV Park!

I'm surprised to see that there are so many tourists camping here.  License plates are from all over, including Canada.  I made friends with a guy who came in from Kansas City.

We lion-shaved Scrappy and Sultan. She's like a kitten again! So happy to be free of her fur nest.

Why the heck would these people want to come to Pahrump?'s probably Death Valley that's drawing them here, however I saw people 'hiking' in the open scrub brush next to the RV Park.  Yes, there are beautiful mountains all around, but to me it is hot dry desert full of those nasty sage bushes that I was constantly tearing out of my yard.  Hiking here?  Yuck!

If you must come to Pahrump you couldn't pick a better park!  The Fitness Center here actually sells memberships to the locals.  It's so nice!  I did 20 minutes on the Step Mill and 10 minutes on a bike.  Then I got on my skates and skated around the park.

When I say I skate while holding on to a three-wheeled walker.  I'm clumsy and I just can't keep my balance--but I love to skate!  I also have on more protective gear than a roller derby babe.  I've broken bones for my skating desires in the past.

Tomorrow I might venture into the pool...but I'm worried about getting sunburned.
Precious finally came out from the hiding place!  Here she is on my bed.

Anyway, the title of the post is 'the secret weapon.'  When we got into the park a gentleman led us to our space in a golf cart (this place thinks of everything--there's even trash pickup!).  I was able to convince this same gentleman to back the RV into our spot for me.

I can't back our RV up to save my life.  I've tried.  LORD HOW I'VE TRIED.  I have a learning disability in the backing up RV department.  I accept this limitation, but I'm determined to full-time!  There won't always be someone to help.  What do I do then?

I got a Park-it 360 tow dolly.  That's my answer.  I keep it in the back seat of the SUV ready to go for emergency back-ins!   I hope I won't have to use it that often, because it takes a while to set up and is a bear to lug in and out.  But in an emergency I'll be able to use it to get the RV in a tight spot.

My RV was too close to a palm tree next to us, so today I whipped it out and put it to use for the first time.  I'm happy to see it worked great.  My only problem is the tire hitting the bottom of our front leveler thing.  If I can move it into the right spot I should have enough room.'s the secret weapon in action.

It's powered by the house battery.  I have the leads permanently connected so I can hook up fast.  It worked.  I got the RV away from the palm tree after a small fuss that attracted onlookers.

I'm happy I didn't waste my money on this thing!

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