Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nothing to Post Today

This is supposed to be a picture of the beautiful mountains.  I don't know how to zoom.
The Mom:  Why don't you have a blog post today?

Me:  Well, nothing really happened today.  It was windy and we kind of stayed inside.  You were out a church all day and I was working and goofing online.  :/  It was just a lazy day.

I don't know what I was trying to photograph here. 

The Mom:  Why don't you blog about how we went bowling.

Me:  It is neat that this RV park has a small bowling alley.

The Mom:  And I beat you.

Me:  -_- I don't feel that needs to be posted.

The Mom:  I'm an old lady who is blind in one eye and has arthritis in her hand and I beat you twice!  I was on fire!

Me:  -_-  Yeah.

The Mom:  Well, everyone should know. 

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