Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Full-Time RVing - DAY ONE

It's happened people...

We moved into our RV full-time!

I'm writing this from the Treasure RV resort in Pahrump, NV, where we're staying for the month of April.  The official reason is to finish up with the sale of our house, which closes in nine days.  The unofficial reason is to treat this place and its awesome fitness center like a weightloss resort and drop some major pounds before beginning our adventure in earnest.

Yesterday we moved all our belongings from our house into the RV.  Many more items were discarded, but still more will go.  We need to go back to the house to clean and once that house is in order we need to put the new house in order.

Things aren't really functional in the RV yet.

My 'Bedroom' Oh the humanity!

I want to get things to where I don't have to move three things to get to what I need.  I almost didn't put bay leaves in my slow-cooker tonight because I knew how deep it was buried in the cupboard.  But why bring stuff at all if it's so buried you never go through the trouble of digging it out?  I want to organize the heck out of this place and get things running smoothly.

The cats each reacted to the move differently.  Sultan was a PEACH. 

Our elder male cat was perfectly content in the new home, since he'd explored in here many times.  He is very happy that I no longer have a door on my 'bedroom' that I can use to lock him out.  We slept in spoons position last night.  He purred quite ecstatically.

Scrappy was a freaking pain in the ass. 

Scrappy on my mother's bed. Yeah, we don't make our beds. F the Police.

The thing about Scrappy is that she is a whiner and she HOWLS.  When something is bugging her she will not shut up.  She was howling until 4am.  We would console her with petting and that would get her quiet for a while, but eventually she'd start howling again.  Ugh.  It was a rough night.

Precious (not pictured because she's hiding now) usually just hides for a day and then starts coming out little by little to explore and get comfortable again.  We made sure there was space under the dinette for her to hide in.

Cat's hiding place, safely enclosed so they can't get into the slide mechanism.
Well this time she just let Scrappy egg her on.  She came out of the hidey hole the first hour and shrieked with panic all night.  Again, we consoled her and got her to quiet down, but when Scrappy started up, Precious joined in the chorus. 

All the cats have settled down now and gotten into their normal routines.  For Sultan that means cuddling with me at every opportunity.  For Precious that means hiding most of the time.  And for Scrappy that means sleeping on my mother's aching hip and ensuring she never gets a good night sleep.  She also wakes her up once or twice a night to howl until my mother pets her. 

I set up the RV very meticulously since we're going to be here a month.  I put out a table and chairs, put down the levelers, put out all my small kitchen appliances.  :) 

Once we finish our chores in the old house we can get this place neat, organized, and convenient (within reason).  Right now I have an extension cord duct taped to the floor to give outlets to the dinnette so both me and my mom can use our computers on this side of the RV.  It looks like crap.  I want to find a more aesthetically pleasing way to get things under control.

One thing that I think is set is our cat litter situation.  My mother has a covered cat litter beside her bed.  A second cat litter lives in our bathtub.

This way we can just lean over when we're on the toilet and scoop the kitty's business while we're doing ours.  Genius.