Friday, April 10, 2015

Life in the Campground

This blog will probably never get as popular as some other full-timing blogs because I'll probably never be a committed boondocker.

I like campground amenities.

At the Treasure NV resort I'm enjoying the fitness room every day.  I love their stairclimber!  I am committed to losing weight this month, but it's been rough so far.

I also tried out the heated pool for the first time yesterday.  Nice stuff!  Has a waterfall and everything.  This place is pretty swanky for only $377/month.

The campground is mostly empty during the week, and fills during the weekends.

I just had a massive class A RV pull in beside us.  I'm not sure why people come to campgrounds like these on the weekends.  It's not in the wilderness or near water.  Other than swimming in the pool I don't really see what the draw is.

My allergies have been terrible since we got here.  It could be because of the stinky (in a good way) flowers all over this place, or, more likely, the air is getting funky in our tight quarters.  We have three cats in here after all.

So I got some stuff today from Amazon.  First off, an air purifier.

Click the image for the link about it.  If you have Adblocker you can't see it since it's an Amazon link.  I've heard other fulltimers need their purifiers, so I grabbed me one.  It sits in the corner of the dinette on our printer.

Second, a better floor sweeper thing:

This thing is awesome.  I am out of the Dyson camp and have joined team Bissell.  This thing sucks up the cat kibble!  With my old Dyson vac I had to pick up every piece.  It also goes to the edgy edge.  It really got the RV floor clean.  It was so cheap compared to Dyson, too. 

Every day my mother and I have been working out and dieting...except on the day when we got bad news related to the house sale and I got drunk and binged on crap food.  -_-  I gained 8 pounds for my trouble, and have only managed to go down 5 in the days that followed.  Le Sigh.  I wanted to lose at least 30 pounds this month so I could start our RVing adventure less fat.  I'll be lucky if I can lose 10. 

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