Saturday, May 21, 2016

Back to the Boondock

We stayed two days at the Lakeside RV Park, and are now back at our boondock.  Lakeside is a fine park, but we hated it. 

We hated being sardine-canned in between two RVs.

We hated people walking between our car and RV.

We hated smelling the lighter fluid the neighbor poured on his charcoal grill.  Stunk up our whole RV.

We hated having to listen to the picnic party right behind our RV.

It was nice talking to random people while I tried to fish, but all in all, boondocking has spoiled us.  Why *pay* for a crowded place when you can get miles of open spaces all around you for free?

It's so quiet here.  The air is so clean.  It's peaceful and soul-renewing.

We'll keep to our plan of occasional one night stays at park to dump, shower, do laundry, take on water, and dispose of trash.  But one day was PLENTY.  Two days in a God-awful RV park is just too much for us.

What did my cat Scrappy hate?

These gigantic birds outside!!  OMG!