Monday, May 23, 2016


Okay, so let me start at the beginning.  Saturday night a black truck pulled into our boondock at 11pm.  I heard a door open and close.  Then it peeled away at 90 miles per hour.

I know people.  I'm thinking the same thing you're thinking.  They dropped off a gang member to do his initiation murder to the inhabitants of that lone RV there.

I turned on the RV headlights and watched vigilantly for an hour or so.  No one was out there.  But I was still on guard.

In the morning we saw the bag of trash they dropped off.  :eyes roll:

Anyway my mom left for church presuming there was still a murderer stalking our RV waiting for a good time to proceed with his gang initiation murder.  She asked her pastor if we could move the RV to his yard.  And by yard I mean gravel because this is the desert.  She came back informing me of the good news that she found a 'safe' spot for us.

Which was not well received because we were not murdered and we were three days out from our next dump.  I hate moving the RV when we're not going to dump.  We have to tear down, set up, and then tear down two days later AGAIN to go dump.

But she didn't feel safe, so I acquiesced.   

Yesterday we moved the RV to the pastor's house and will stay here for the rest of our time in Pahrump.  The pastor (who I don't get along with, long story) is in Phoenix for the next week, so the house is vacant.  We were given the key by his sweet wife (who I do get along with) for microwave and shower access.  It was very kind of them.

So here we are:

To the right is their house which I didn't photograph out of respect for their privacy.
Okay, so we got here yesterday, set up, then spent the night.  This morning I trolled around their house for a trash bin.  I know that trash is picked up once a week, and if they have the bin from the local service then they have the service.  I'll put my trash in it and then bring it to the curb before they get back.

As I go around the back of the house I realize that our hosts failed to mention...well, this:

Okay, my pictures suck, but they have two mama cats and a HEAP of kittens on their back porch!  Like ten.

@_@  Why wouldn't you tell us that!?

We saw one of the mama cats out hunting and thought she belong to someone else. 

There was a very small amount of kibble and the water dish had dropped too low for the kittens to access.  What the heck!

The mama cats ran when I came up, but when I returned with food they jumped back on the porch and feasted.  The babies ate huge mouthfuls of food.  They were all really hungry.

It's dangerous for these darlings to be outside all the time with all the coyotes we have.  I'm going to go back and make sure all the wet food is gone so I don't attract any.

And...I really think I'll be leaving here with a kitten.  We just can't help ourselves.


  1. Awwww...they are so adorable! I love kittens, those poor little babies and their mommy

  2. The person who was supposed to be dropping off food and water nevre showed up. This was total divine intervention. They would have died if we hadn't discovered them to give them food and water. :/