Thursday, May 12, 2016

Borax Bills - An Update

So, yeah, we're still at Borax Bills.  We've used their dump station, water fill-up, and showers twice.  We never had to move to the prison BLM.  The workers here are nice.  They really don't care that we're living on their property.  The homeowner lights were not actually directed at us.  My mom has a hole in her macula that makes her see lights weird at night.  They were normal lights when I checked the next night.

We have a level spot.  The weather has been great except for some really windy days, but it's never gotten hot enough to give my cat the vapors.  A little fan now and then is all we need to keep cool.

We're here because it's a driveable boondock to visit my brother and his kids.  We're doing that this weekend.  After that I want to move on.  This is a great place for free camping with showers, water, and dumping, but it's a shitty little town and there's nothing to do around here.  I'm working on my next book, so that's okay and stuff, but it's just existing.  Not really living.  (Though that's what we seem to do most of the time...).

It's only the 12th and I've already widdled our gas and grocery budget down to $50 for each.  x_x  I seriously don't get me.  Though gas and groceries are more expensive out here in the Mojave desert.  Fricking $2.86/gallon.  On the way here I blew $100 filling up the RV because I was too close to empty.  :sigh: 

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