Thursday, January 19, 2017

Catalina State Park, Tucson

We're in the 'Poor People's Section' of the Catalina State Park campground in Tucson.  They tried to sell us a $30 spot with hook-ups.  PAH!  What am I?  The Queen of England?!  They were happy to put us in the 'overflow' $15/night dirt section.  :)  A dump station, water spigot, shower, and trash dumpster is all we need.

I was actually hoping I'd get half off with my mom's Access Pass.  This park doesn't take it, but they didn't charge me for the car, so it's all good.

Weird European camper here.  It had healthy blond giants in it.
This is a beautiful well run park.  It's packed to the gills right now because it's concert season here.  We got a space just in time.

Today is our 'feast' day for our Feast or Famine diet.  I cooked chana dal (Indian lentil dish) and Chicken Tikki Masala on some drumsticks.  I'm also indulging in sweets.  ;o;  I luv this diet. 

Some of the other benefits to the diet are that our tanks are lasting longer and my freezer is still packed with food from our last shopping trip.  We aren't actually eating any more than usual--so it's great!

Alright--time to take our showers.  After this we have two more stops before getting to the Intentional Community I want to check out.

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