Saturday, January 14, 2017

Painted Rock Petroglyph Site

We are half-way between Yuma and Tucson at the Painted Rock petroglyph site in Gila Bend Arizona.  We're staying here 2 days before continuing on to Tucson. 

This is a pay campground at $8/vehicle per day.  We get half off with my mom's Access pass.  The sites are level.  Gravel roads.  Desert landscape.  Touristy signs with info.  And theoretically a petroglyph site, though you can't get close enough to see any.

These pigs will eat your dogs (and cats).  Don't let pets out in Javalina country.

I'm taking our trip West in small bites.  Two hour drives at a time.  My mom and cats can't deal with 6 hour drives anymore. 

Last night we stayed at the Cocopah casino in Yuma to do the following:
  1. Replace all four tires on the Nissan
  2. Get air in the RV tires
  3. Grocery shop
  4. Do laundry
The day before we did our last shower at the token shower at the Imperial Dam LVTA.  @-@ We're clean and were ready to go.  It felt good to get on the road after being suck in dreary Yuma so long.

So I went to look at the petroglyphs.  It's apparently a huge draw since there are a lot of RVs here.  Signs say to stay on the walkway, which is marked with yellow sand.  It makes such a far loop around the rocks you can't see anything unless you have binoculars.

Here's the best picture I could get of a petroglyph.

In other news, my mom and I have been losing weight steadily, but I've been struggling and haven't done as well as her.  I'm fighting blood sugar and serotonin drops that make me crave sweets and carbs desperately.  I was eating better than before the diet, but not able to lose weight without stumbling every few days and gaining it back.

So, new strategy.  We've switched to the Feast or Famine diet, which may be something I made up just now.  I've always done well with fasting, and so has my mom.  We fast every other day now. 

On fasting day we can have broth, diet soda, water, tea, and sugar-free gelatine.  On feasting day we can eat up to 2,400 calories.  This will average us out to 1,200 a day, which will get us to our goal.

The benefit of this diet is that I don't have to deprive myself of anything.  I get a lot of calories to play with, and nothing is off-limits.  I'll still eat healthy, with protiens and vegetables, but I'll open the door to carbs and sweets again.  The fasting days feel good too, especially near bedtime.  We sleep so well on those days.  This seems so much more sustainable to me than Atkins.

Today is our second fast.  Yesterday was our feast...which was at a Golden Corral.  That was my only meal yesterday, but I may still have overdone it.  We'll see when I weigh myself tomorrow.

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