Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 1 At the Intentional Community

We're at an intentional community somewhere in New Mexico.  You're going to hate me, but I'm not going to tell you the name of the place or the location.  I haven't met my main contact yet, and I don't want to expose things about them until I get permission.  It's possible this may not, sorry.

They have an RV space with electric and water.  We're camping here while checking the place out.  Here's the bathroom assigned to the RV spot. 

Now, what I would really like to do is take pictures of all the amazing houses here.  Houses made out of bottles, mud, 'papercrete', a house that looks like a medieval castle, a pyramid, a house with a rocket in the yard, and this is just what I can see from the RV windows because I was asked not to wander around by myself.  As I sit here I hear chickens crowing, and one of the women to welcome me said she has ducks.  ;o;  I feel like I'm home!

Communities like these get lots of prospective members visiting.  I understand that there's not many people around to hold our hands and so forth.  I'm very lucky that a woman I emailed with was kind enough to show me her house and tell me more about things.  She has a 'normal' house, a modular home that she bought from the next town over. 

Behind her house is a half built foundation and an RV sewer, electric, and water.  This plot is available for a new member, and I thought MINE!!  The people who were building on it passed away.  (But we think we found something even better right across from her.)

So, in this community you go through a vetting process and if you're accepted you pay around $2,000 for a plot of land and put a dwelling on it.  My  mom and I started talking about building a house on the land we would get if we're accepted into the community.  I always knew we'd need something, because we need a place to take showers and do laundry.  My thoughts were a shed with a shower and laundry room in it.  We passed a place selling portable buildings in Deming.  These sheds were huge, and in our budget.  Now we started thinking about converting a shed into a tiny house.  Something 16'x32' would give us our own bedrooms, kitchen, living area and bath.  But now we're talking $$$.

The original plan was just to use our RV as our house since, you know, I still owe $65k on it. However we met someone who owns a really nice house in the community and wants to sell it.  It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, RV hookups in back, a screened garden, a greenhouse, two sheds, and fruit trees.  I'm in love, and the price is right.   My mom really wants it too.

I've gone over my reasons for wanting to settle in a commune/intentional community in another post.  This house would give us everything I want, already built for us.  It's just perfect!

We've decided to take a gamble and put a $500 deposit on it to buy the house if we're accepted into the community.  We might lose our money, however, if we do get accepted here and don't get the house we'll feel bad. 

So far I've made a good friend and hopefully future neighbor.  She said to the man selling the house that we were solid and she was going to vote for us to be accepted.  Another woman on the board told us we had her vote too.  This woman owns a theater in the small town attached to the community.  We talked about me getting involved with the theater.  I'd like to write and act in plays there.  @-@  I love to act!

I'm not doing anything just yet.  I still want to get to know people and see how this place works.  It seems pretty autonomous, with lots of volunteer and community activities.  I think I could be happy here.  At the very least I could get back to raising my own crops and chickens.  (Rabbits are out because wild rabbits are spreading some disease.)

We've only been here a few hours and right now I'm in my RV hoping for another escort to come and take some time with me.  This is a really cool place.  Maybe it can be home?


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