Sunday, July 12, 2015

Life Without Internet

I fell off the face of the planet for a while because the Thousand Trails in Santa Barbara (actually 20 miles away from anywhere in the San Padre National Forest) does not get Verizon or even a single television channel.  BOO. 

We tried to climb to the highest (back-in annoying) row here, but no good.  I got one measly  bar that I can't do anything with.  I have to go to the lodge to get connected.  There I get annoyingly slow 2 to 3 bars.  I got an antenna booster from the Verizon in Santa Barbara, but the numbskull employee failed to have me order the adapter wire required by everyone who purchases that item (as it states in the description).  Ugh.  I'm still fighting to get what I need.

This park has nice ambiance, with mountains in spitting distance on all sides, but crap for amenities.  They charge for a lot of things that were complimentary in Acton.  The road in is also treacherous for a car, much less an RV.  Mostly though, I'm annoyed that I can't get online in my rig.

Well, no Internet means being productive in other ways.  I cleaned up the shelf above my bed and nailed some stuff down so that I don't have to drag everything down when we move.  I velcroed down the toaster and coffee-maker so they can live in their spots permanently.  I also moved our tools (which I rarely need to access) from the drawer under the couch to the storage under the dinnette.  Then I moved my canned goods (which I access frequently) to the easier to get to drawer under the couch.  This will make life a bit easier.

Santa Barbara is a very gentrified area, far too crowded and expensive for my tastes.  We saw that gentrification right in front of us as two Albertsons (where I'd planned to shop) turned to some other fancy-schmancy grocery that was far more expensive.  x_x  Ugh. 

I went to the Goleta Pier to fish.  This was a great out of the way beach and a wonderful pier.  Unfortunately I didn't catch anything.  I have a feeling the oil spill is still messing the area up.

Our boondock location in Lompoc was a better camp that this place.  Since there seemed to be some long-term rigs in that out of  way street beside Walmart we're thinking of staying there for our out days.  We'll see how that goes...

In September our Thousand Trails is up and we've decided not to renew.  There's issues at every campground.  At least if we can chose the location of our campgrounds we might feel better about putting up with minor bullshit.  As it is...ugh.  We don't want any more stays at places convenient to nowhere, and deceptively named.

We think it's better to stay at monthlys whereever we have to be for the winter and look into workkamping during our summer seasons.

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