Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pier Fishing in Pismo Beach!

Well, I'm happy to say things perked up a little from my recent 'Dismal Beach' post.  I went fishing on the pier and caught some yummy smelts!

This was on Monday and we actually got lucky with parking.  It was still a long walk to a good fishing spot on the pier, though.  I like California pier fishing because it doesn't require a license.  For an out of state fishing license it would cost me something like $140.  I'm WAAAAY too cheap for that.

I don't care if they're small.  I'm still eating them!

 My handicapped mother, who has no interest in fishing besides eating the fish, could get a license for free.  She's not going to bother.  She knows I'll force her to do shore fishing to at least catch me bait...

I can't set up my pole to save my life.  There seems to be a drunk gentleman on every pier who will do this for me.  No.  Seriously.  Every time I've ever pier fished some guy drinking from a flash or small bottle in their pocket gets my rod sorted for me.  They do the fancy double loop knots that I would need a diagram in front of me to figure out.  I guess these are beach bums?  I really appreciate their help!

Smelts were running...but not fast enough!!!  Cleaning the fish was fun, despite the warnings not to feed the birds.  I can I not throw a fish head or two to a hungry pelican?  ;_;  So cruel.  I got my arm chomped twice by a pelican when I got to close by accident.  It was kind of cute.  It might have gotten a piece of my bait by way of an apology, but I can neither confirm or deny this.

Wutta haul!

Look at all the fishies I ended up with by the end of the day!  It was the first time I actually had a catch I could turn into a meal.  :D  This was our lunch today!

Om nom nom!  The littlelest ones were great because the bones fried up and you could eat them, bones and all.  The biggest ones were great because the bones separated with relative ease.  The in-between ones were a pain in the butt...BUT WE ATE THEM ANYWAY!

Smelt is so tender!  Not fishy at all.  Very delicious meat.  It just melts in your mouth!

So things were a lot better Monday.  :)

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