Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two more Weeks in Paicines

I went this morning and renewed us for the next two weeks at the Thousand Trails San Benito.  When I first got here the head ranger said, "I don't think you can do that." Meaning, buy my out week and then stay my next two in weeks.  (My Thousand Trails membership requires me to leave the system for seven days every fourteen days.  Two weeks in.  One week out.)  However, when I went to do this this morning he was on the phone and distracted and just let it slide.  So this is home until August 8th.

This park isn't perfect.  We've lost power four times during a seven day stay, and most times it's gone for several hours.  This is a mild inconvenience for me and my mom, because we have solar panels and four big honking batteries.  The only thing we need shore power for is the A/C and microwave.  The first time we lost power for four hours it was in the 90s and we had to take out our minifans.  At that time we were adamant that we'd leave after our seven day reservation.

But they came and fixed it, so I didn't jump to cancel our two 'in' weeks right away.  The guy next to us got the worst of this outage.  At Thousand Trails there are many permanent residents who live here and work in the neighboring towns.  They get what's called a 'Leased Spot.'  They're easy to spot since they often have built on porches, gardens, fences, and so forth.  It would be hard for them to pick up and move.

The guy next to me (who's name I've forgotten) had his 5th Wheels fridge break some years ago and opted to buy a $400 residential fridge and keep it outside rather than pay the $1200 to $1500 to get a new RV fridge installed.  He lost all his food in the four hours we were without power.  Our RV fridge still works, of course, since this is a new rig.  When we lost shore power it just switched to propane.  As a woman I would not put up with having a fridge outside and having my inside fridge useless.  I would fork over the money for the repair.  But, bachelors, you know.  They don't put as much importance on a functional kitchen.

I'm always grateful that I'm able to make my living off my writing.  Not blog writing, of course, but the fiction I write.  I'm finding it hard to get writing done in the RV.  It's difficult to write sultry sex scenes with your mother sitting across the table from you.  :/  For those of you interested I do write very smutty fiction, but its also very story intensive and somewhat high-concept.  If you are so inclined (and not easily offended) you can peruse all my work here:

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