Thursday, July 2, 2015


OMG!!  Eeee~!  That's right.  We're boondocking again.  If you read my last post where we attempted to do this you'd know why the all caps title is appropriate.

This is a little easier, though.  I just need a place to park for one day and night.  I'm not trying to find BLM land or some other legal boondock to spend my 7 'out days' at.  I just couldn't get an RV reservation for July 3rd.  July 4th--no problem!  But the 3rd was fully booked in the Thousand Trails Pismo Beach camp.  So I knew I would need to find a one nighter somewhere.

I called a bunch of Walmarts between Oceano (where I am now) and Santa Barbara (where I'm going next).  I asked if it would be okay to park my RV overnight in their lot. 

Santa Maria:  No. 

Arroyo Grande:  Nope. 

Pasco Robles:  Sure.  But I can't tell you yes, so if anyone asks I never did because of official policies and blah blah blah.

Great!  A SOLID YES!  Pasco Robles it is.  I'm so proud to have found a place for the rig and...

GAH!!  I can't boondock in 90 degree weather!  I don't have AC when I'm on solar power!  Even if I stuff my mom in Walmart all day what about my furry babies!

So I researched Walmarts where it's not too hot and came up with one in Lompoc, which said:  "Yes you can park overnight, but we ask that you leave early in the morning."  CAN DO!!!

Here's the game plan:

So, I'll come in on No street ( it's North O Street?) and pull into that little hidden cluster of parking spaces.  Um...actually I have to come in the other direction.  I want the slide (which is on the driver's side) to be facing the building so I can open it without out street traffic seeing.

And there's a redbox!  @-@  Yay!  We'll spend the day renting movies. 

Hopefully this boondock won't be a boondoggle.  Stay tuned!!!

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