Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Who Needs Internet?"

Me.  I need Internet.  ME.

The quote that is the title of this post was from a young woman I met in the lodge when I was mooching for bandwidth.  Her point was that she came out here for vacation, to be outdoors and enjoy the trails and scenery.

Not.  Me.

I'm still working, and I require Internet.  But to say that's all I need Internet for would be a lie.  I socialize and entertain myself through the Interwebs.  I spend far more time online recreationally than I do outside.  The same is true for my mother.  Her excuse is limited mobility. 

I have no excuse.

I like beautiful scenery.  When I'm driving around here and a lovely vista opens before me it takes my breath away, and I enjoy it.  However, I don't enjoy it so much that I want to get out of the car and climb up a trail to get a better look.

I found out some years ago that I don't like hiking.  This was during the throes of my depression when I was trying to do anything to get out and be around more people.  I went to and looked for activities that would let me be with others while also getting me some exercise.  Hiking was a natural fit.  Or so I thought.  Here is what I posted on Facebook that day about my hike:

Today I learned I don't like hiking. Shocking, right? I mean you look at my profile picture with the pink frillies and hair extensions and think: total grapenut. No. Srsly, my profile pic matches me perfectly: PRINCESS. Hiking is dangerous, dusty, and there are bugs. WTF was I thinking?

After that I searched for 'walks' instead of hikes, and was much happier walking with senior citizens from the M Resort to the Starbucks down a large paved biking path.  Sidewalks, people.  They're awesome.

I'm probably alienating a lot of readers who love the outdoors.  I'm not trying to.  This post is more about some soul-searching.  That's what this blog is all about, isn't it?  'Searching Fulltime.'  I'm still searching to find places and activities that will fulfill me.

Well...Thousand Trails is OUT.  I don't want remote mountains anymore.  I don't want hiking trails.  I don't want 20 mile drives to reach stores.  This is not what I want out of my RVing experience.  It's dumb, I know, because having a camper means camping, but camping is not for me, and certainly not for my mom.

I will be done with Thousand Trails soon and that means a chance to chart my course without the burden of taking advantage of a membership we paid $545 for. 

First stop:  A month in Reno, Nevada.  That's where we're going to spend our September.  Cringe if you wish, but large, climate controlled casinos are a great place to walk around.  My mom loves slot machines and I love playing craps.  We'll have to pace ourselves, but we'll have a great time exploring this city.

Cities.  That's my new theme.

After Reno we're going to boondock our way down back to Pahrump Nevada to stay at the Treasure Resort there.  This is where our journey began last April and we really like the place.  It's remote, but has a full gym and bowling alley.  My mom will also get to reconvene with the church she was a part of.  That will be our October.

November will mean it's too cold to stay in Pahrump so to the south we go.  One month in Laughlin.  Another gambling town we enjoyed on a short visit last year.  We feel it's worth hanging out there for a month.

December will bring us souther still, to Yuma Arizona.  That will put us on the border of Mexico, particularly Dental City.  My mom can finally get her teeth taken care of.  We'll spend December enjoying both countries.  I've never been to Mexico and really look forward to it.

I'd like to get to San Diego after that.  I was there briefly for a convention some years back, but never got to explore.  I'd like to spend a month enjoying that city.  That's January.

And then...I don't know.  We'll play it by ear.  I'm just telling you, I'm done with remote, dirt, bugs, and varmints.  I want urban and convenient, with plenty of things like zoos and museums. 

So begins our next journey....well, in September anyway.

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