Friday, July 3, 2015

So Far So Good!

Greetings from Lompoc California!  We escaped the craptastic Thousand Trails Encore resort in Oceano ('Pismo Beach').  We made it to the boondock! 

Originally the plan was to park in the Walmart lot, but the holiday weekend is coming up and there is no where to fit 40 feet of suv and rv.  That's fine because while I was Google snooping I saw a road beside Walmart where campers seemed to be boondocking.  This is next to a shuttle service to the Chumash Casino and beside an airport where people are skydiving.  Apparently overnighters are tolerated here.  We saw another travel trailer unhitched and with their slide out.  If they can do it so can we!

As you can see there are two other RVs down this road.  This is Aviation Street.  The road ends in a nice round turn around area.  Totally perfect for boondocking!!  We're much more level here than we were at the horrible Pismo Beach park. 

Also, the amenities at this RV resort can't be beat!  We have internet and power.  It's 70 degrees out with awesome breezes.  There's a Walmart nearby with a McDonalds in it (those guacamole chicken burgers with the potato buns are the CATS ASS [that means they're good]).  I got a chair massage at a little massage place, and some shorts for $8!  Woot!

It seems safe-ish here.  I'm not as scared at the last time we boondocked.  I think we'll be fine!

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