Thursday, June 2, 2016

A FREE RV Park?!

Let's catch up! 

When we last visited with Searching Fulltime I was in my mom's pastor's yard boondocking in Pahrump.  We stayed there for two dump cycles or so and then moved into the Preferred RV Resort for three days.  It went from 85 degrees to over 100 degrees, so we couldn't boondock for the last three days we stayed in Pahrump.  We had wanted to move on, but suddenly our elusive doctors (mom's PCP and my psychiatrist) got appointments for us on the last few days, so we had to stay extra.

Here's one of the meals I make in the RV.  This is a Veggie Cheese Omelet
Here's how we do yogurt.  Vanilla yogurt from a tub, strawberry jam, and cut up apricots from our host's yard

We didn't get a kitten.  Our rational outweighed emotion.  The full-time RVing life is rough on our cats, and our house is small.  We already have three cats.  That's our max.  Besides that we would need to spay or neuter them and get their shots and yadda yadda yadda.  Just wasn't in the cards.

This guy seriously pulled at the heartstrings, tho.  Always ran up to us when we visited and would cry until she was snuggled.

Preferred RV Resort is a top notch park, very quiet, and satisfactory.  We stayed there for $16/night with Passport America.  We did our dump/water/shower/trash/laundry routine then stuck around to finish up our appointments. 

While we were in Pahrump we got Scrappy and Sultan lion shaves at our favorite groomer.  They're so much happier now.  Seriously, since we don't give them AC all the time this is a necessity.

22yo Sultan is not long for this world.  The groomer was extra gentle with him, and he likes to be groomed, unlike most cats.  As long as he doesn't seem in pain, continues eating and grooming, and continues to try to escape outside, we will keep him alive.  It's just a matter of time though.  I love him, and his death is going to really hit me hard.

Long Haired Scrappy gets extra frisky and happy after a grooming.  She's not suited to desert living, and shaves are mandatory for her. She goes from lethargic and whiny to a happy little monkey-cat every summer when she gets shaved.
Cat #3, Precious, is a young short hair who manages the heat fine and has heart attacks when we stand up near her.  She can't handle a trip to the groomer.

On the way out of Pahrump we had to fill up on propane again.  So according to this blog we go 15 days to a tank of propane.

Okay, so now it's June and we need to get the heck out of Dodge.  It was time to climb to a better climate.  I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out where to go.  California was out and we already did Reno/Sparks/Carson City. 

So North is the plan, but straight North is out since that’s Reno, and Northwest is out since that’s California.  So…Utah?  That was the thought, but St. George is the next stop from Pahrump and it’s just as hot as Pahrump.

I ended up going to Pioche Nevada.  It’s North East from Pahrump and the forecast said it would be in the 80s there.  But…even better than that…


I’m like…seriously?  That’s so awesome.  It’s a little park (RV park, not a city park) with ten spots that provide water and sewer.  That’s sweet!  We have our solar panels for electric, so we have everything we need…FOR FREE!  On top of that there’s showers across the street.  

Here we are.  Only three other campers here since it's in the middle of nowhere...but it's a high elevation so nice cool weather.  Plus we've got loads of greenery and scenery!

I couldn't get close to the sewer hole due to a boulder so I tied my short 'for dump stations' red sewer hose to my long smelly 'only use it if the other one can't reach' sewer hose and managed to get a connection.  :)

We’re going to stay the seven days here.  The views are great, even though it’s a little blink-and-you-miss-it town.  We stocked up on groceries in Pahrump.  This should be a nice quiet seven days to finish my latest novel and unwind from all the human interaction that happened in Pahrump.

Here's a public pool where it's said we'll be allowed to shower across the street from us.  ^-^
The view behind us is stunning, and this picture will not do it justice.  
  You know, the Borax Bill Motorcross also gives free RV spots with water and sewer to whomever wants them for a certain amount of time.  This actually isn't the first 'free' RV park we've been too...but at Borax Bills we actually boondocked away from the free RV spots cuz it was quieter.  I'm wondering now why we drove all the way to the dump station every time we needed to dump instead of getting into one of those free empty spots.  We always had to stop at that RV park when we dumped for water anyway and the dump station was 4 miles away.  I wonder why...?


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