Monday, June 13, 2016

Committed to Boondocking

I write to you still stuck at the RV repair place in Cedar City.  They sent the shop the wrong part to fix our SUV, so it meant another day camping in their crowded parking lot.  The tank levels are good and the solar set-up is successfully sucking sun, the weather is 70s to 80s, so we're essentially fine. 

I's a free campground, just not a very pleasant one.  Still, within the sanctuary of the RV we have all the comforts of home...cuz it is home.  You wouldn't even know a crowded automotive center lot/use car sales lot is around us unless you looked out the windows.

I've had trouble deciding where to go next.  I want to squeeze the juice out of every life-grape, so I want to have some epic summer travels. I went and looked up festivals I might want to go to so we could aim the RV in that direction.  There was one in Salt Lake at the end of the month, so the idea was to head north in Utah.

My mother has vetoed that idea after this debacle.  I realize I have a few more considerations now:

  • No more mountain climbing.  7,000 feet above sea level is our new max.
  • We need a Verizon signal every where we go.
The first is due to the smoking brakes both our vehicles suffered.  I've researched how to prevent this in the future and I'm pretty sure I can shift to a lower gear to prevent me from having to use the brake as much.  Still...we don't want to climb above 7,000 feet due to risk of severe altitude sickness, especially by my senior citizen mother.

The second thing I thought would no longer be a concern due to my booster.  Ugh.  It's able to get me one more measly bar, and that doesn't cut where signals are weak.  I couldn't get online in Pioche except at non-peak hours.  That was not conducive to my work.  When we were in the Dixie National Forest I couldn't get ANY signal whatsoever.  I don't want to deal with that again.

Utah is mostly tiny towns between Cedar City and Salt Lake.  I will have Verizon problems more than likely if I continue on our planned route.  We've decided to turn around.  We're going back to Nevada.

The current plan is to boondock our way to Carson City where my mother's doctor is.  She has some health issues to address, and I will see if he can treat mine with my weak bronze Obamacare plan also.

We feel comfortable in Nevada.  It's really become a home state to us.  I know my way around Pahrump, Reno, Vegas, and many parts in between.  I think it's fine to return to last year's stomping grounds.

Yes, I want to travel and explore in our RV, but not at the expense of reliable internet or while having to travel to treacherous heights.  I also don't want to be driving the rig in large cities.  I'm playing it safe this summer.  Carson City, Sparks, Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe.  That's our plan of action for now. 

Maybe next year I'll get adventurous again.  I'm not going to push myself out of my comfort zone unless I really want to.  I have nothing to prove to myself.  If I'm happy that's all that matters, and I know I'm usually happy in Nevada.

I want to mention that across the street to this automotive center is a pawn shop and I sold my old hitch and sway bars for $40.  @-@  I'm pretty proud of that.  I'm glad I don't have to lug them around anymore.

If you're interested in my writing, and are okay with smutty yet well-plotted paranormal romance, my new novel came out two days ago:

Mated to the Jaguars: Paranormal M/F/M Menage

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