Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lutherwood Campground, Utah - Worth the Drive

Here is the road next to our boondock near Parowan Gap.  A shepherd was based there to look over a large flock of sheep.  He saw us and didn't bother us.

We're still stuck in Utah due to a botched oil change that destroyed the engine of the SUV.  The SUV isn't done yet.  We stayed at that nice little side boondock near Parowan Gap for one dump cycle, and then moved on.

This morning our water tank was empty and our grey and black tanks were full.  I thought there was a TA Center near the boondock to use as a dump station, but it had closed.  Just like the Staples and numerous other businesses I see around Cedar City.  Not sure what that's about...

That's probably for the best anyway, because while I know you can shower at the TA, I don't know if they provide water for me to fill my tank.

I digress from what I wanted to talk about though.  Right now is a heat wave.  I'm not in the danger zone, per se, but I am in the 97-101 degree zone.  Our max boondocking temp is 94 (Fahrenheit of course, I'm a Celsius-impaired American) and even that is pushing it.  I decided we probably want to wait this out at a campground.

Technically the garage should be paying for this, since we were supposed to be well on the way to Carson City by now.  On the other hand, they don't want to pay for it (I presume) and for me to get them to pay for it I'm going to have to make myself a pain in their asses.  And I would rather just pay for stuff myself and not have stress and conflict in my life.  If I can gamble $100 at a casino without blinking then I should also be able to put $100 towards the 'life with less confrontation' account.

I should be penny-pinching because my book sales plummeted.  I bombed with my foray into Paranormal Romance.  It's so was such a great book.   Anyway...I'll bounce back, and I have savings for lean times.  I just hope they don't extend more than a month.

The campgrounds around Cedar City are outrageously expensive.  The Koa was $65 a night!  However there are two Passport America parks in range.  The Red Ledge RV park was the first choice because it was less than $15/day with the discount.  I called them twice now and they're always booked.  This is even before I mention I'm using the 50% off program.  A campground as cheap as this is in high demand here.  I couldn't get a spot.

The other Passport America park is Camp Lutherwood, a Lutheran RV park in the mountains.  I considered this the less ideal choice because 1.  Driving the rig up and down mountains stink (see my prior post about brakes on fire).  and 2.  The Passport America discount is only for the first day.  However, they have no hook-up spots for $15 a day, which is the same as the Passport America rate.  At a 7,500 foot elevation (yeah, feet, I'm also metric-impaired) it should be cool enough not to need the A/C even in a heat wave.

Here's one of the gorgeous green mountains around Camp Lutherwood.  We are officially out of the desert.
 As for driving in the mountains I started downshifting gears as I went downhill.  I really hope I'm shifting correctly.  When I crested the mountain I shifted to 3 and then went back to D when I started back up hill.  For a steeper decline I shifted from D to 3 to 2.  And then we had a really steep decline with a sign that warned us of the steep grade ahead.  I shifted from D to 3 to 2 to 1.  I didn't have to use my brakes much to keep at a decent speed.  They didn't catch on fire.

I'm in a full-hook up spot right now at Camp Lutherwood to dump tanks and take on water.  Tomorrow I'll move to a no hook-up spot to save money.
Here we are.  The building is the showerhouse.

I'm glad we ended up here.  It's beautiful.  The camphost is a total sweetheart.  There's wifi and good satellite.  It's cool enough to be comfortable.  The shower room, right next to us, was really nice.  Better than most campgrounds I've been to.  I really just want to stay here until the SUV is done.

Another picture of the RV park.

Speaking of (and yeah, I know I'm meandering a lot with this post) we swung by Cedar City on the way to this campground to restock our groceries.  I stopped at the mechanic which I forgot would be closed on Sunday.  The SUV is safe inside one of their garage bays.  The old engine is out and lying on a wooden skid.  The front hood was removed and on top of the SUV's luggage rack.  Things seem to be well underway.  :)

We're seeing what life would be like without our follow car.  I do like having my mother safe beside me when we're driving.  I don't like having no ability to explore or run errands between moves.  Someone once suggested that I just put in my slides and drive the RV around.  It's just not a good option.

First of all, we're not just putting in the slides to get ready to move.  We have to batten down the hatches.  Everything that can fall, like this computer I'm typing on right now, has to be put somewhere secure.  All the stuff blocking the slides, like the carpet in the kitchen, has to get moved out of the way.  Kitchen stuff.  Bathroom stuff.  It all has to be put where it's not going to fall.  All the windows and skylights have to be closed.  Cat food and water has to be put where it can't spill.  All the stuff on the sofa has to go under the dinette.  The stuff on the dinette has to go into velcroed containers.  The TV has to get latched.  The step to my bed has to be stowed.  Etc. etc.  It's a 20 minute ordeal getting ready for a move--and that's when we're not even hooked up.  (My mom usually does everything the morning of a move while I sleep in.  I write late into the night).

Then using the RV as a car comes with it's own challenges.  Driving to supermarkets or big box stores is usually fine, but what about doctor's appointments?  Or when we're in a town that only has a small market?  Or restaurants?  Or...just about anywhere else that isn't a big box store or supermarket.  I can't take a 31 foot RV into tight spaces.  I will hit someone's car.

But we were able to get into a Smith's Supermarket for groceries and to top off our gas.  I'm on a diet of 1,800 calories per day and have stuck with it by getting off one of my antidepressants that had been spiking my appetite.  I don't know how much I should really talk about my depression on this blog.  I'm not trying to be a bummer, but my brain just doesn't fire on all cylinders like it should.  I'm back on the dosage and antidepressant I was on before my crisis last year.  (When I drove to Mexico to get new medication).  Yeah.  It only helps my symptoms by 50%, but I'd rather be half depressed and under 200 pounds (once again...screw the metric system) than totally chill and too fat to function.  It's give and take in this life.  :(  Hopefully I can keep things under control.

Here's another beautiful green view at the camp.  My craptastic camera does not do the views justice.

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