Monday, June 27, 2016

Mission Log

From Somewhere In Utah...

Dearest Reader,
It has been thirteen days since we have been without our follow car.  Today we ate our final ration of sweets, a fun-sized bag of skittles and four gummy fruit slices.  I shall not lie to you reader...the situation is bleak.

As you can see, provisions have dropped to most desperate levels.  It was with great shame that I dredged a tub of chicken livers out from the back of the freezer.  To feed my mother such a poor offering speaks of dark days indeed.  (But with some garlic, cilantro, olive oil, seasoning, and served over toast it should be pretty tasty).

My elderly mother, far frailer than me, fears she shall not have enough Special K cereal to last out the week.  Our precious animals have fared no better.  It is with great shame that I admit...we've run out of cat litter.

Oh, woe is we, to have ascended to such distant mountains with no easy way to drive to a store!  Woe is we who must resort to canned green beans to fill our plates!  Woe are our cats who must contend with stinky litter boxes!

But the mechanic said the car would be ready Wednesday, so we'll be outta here soon.  :)


  1. *hugs* ...oddly i will be at the Four Corners then Monument Valley on Sunday, very close is proximity...^^

    1. The car is ready Friday now...and we're getting out of here.