Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life on the Side of a Highway

So we're somewhere between Panguich and Parowan Utah, either the 20 or the 15.  We're camping in a deep pull-off on the side of the highway.  Look at my last post for pictures.  I couldn't take any pictures for this post.  It's been raining off and on all day.

This morning there were men all around the RV in orange 'highway worker' vests picking up trash.  My mom was horrified.  She thought for sure they were going to bang on the door and tell us to get to steppin'.  But they didn't.  All was well, and it's a lot cleaner outside.  There was a lot of junk beside us.  Hopefully the workers don't think we were responsible for it.

As the day wore on have had LOADS of people pulling over here.  We went as close to the barbed wire fence as we could to make sure other people had use of the pull off.  And they have.  Lots of semi-trucks stop here.  They generally pause for a while and then drive off, never leaving the vehicle.  One guy got out to check his load straps.

We've also had a lot of families with kids stopping to stretch their legs, make use of the bushes, or make lunch.  A couple with three daughters in an expensive luxury pick-up truck pulled over and made sandwiches in the back of the truck.

Then it started raining hard.  Thunder was cracking loud in the sky and lightning was flashing all over.  Suddenly the turnoff became a parking lot with three SUVs, one car, at truck, and another truck pulling a horse trailer.  Geez!

My mom and I both know how it went as they were driving by the road.  "Pull over by that camper!"  Yeah...we make a good highway landmark.

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