Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carson City At Last!

BEHOLD this crappily lit picture!  For in it is life for us as it should be, with our SUV and RV riding together.  You can't imagine how grateful we are to have our car back and functioning well.  ;_;  Seriously...the last month and a half was tough.

For the last four days we were in Fallon Nevada camping at the Bonanza Casino.  Part of their parking lot is a full hook-up RV park that only charges $15/day.  I mean, it's pretty dang good for full hook-ups.  Obviously we usually boondock, but it was crazy hot.  Over 100 degrees.  We were grateful for the AC even though we also needed our fans.  Man it was hot.

The RV park was on a blacktop.  No grass.  No showers.  No laundry.  No typical RV park amenities.  Most people would snub their noses at it, but my mom and I like to gamble.  We often seek out casinos that allow RVs to overnight in their lots. 

Now, my original plan was to boondock near Carson City on BLM land while my mom saw to her doctor appointments.  After our ordeal with the car (and yes, I know I keep harping on it, but it was really stressful AF for us) I just booked an RV park.  Let's spend a month not worrying about AC, showers, laundry, or dumping.  Let's just relax and recover.

I'm at Camp N Town RV park in the middle of downtown Carson City.  We just arrived today but have a good impression so far.  Yes, it's wall to wall RVs, but that's how RVs parks are.  You want amenities, you have to give up wide open spaces.  As long as we have room to park the SUV and open the slides we're satisfied.

The park is an urban RV park where people are basically just living in their RVs while they live and work in Carson City.  It's well-kept, with owners who lay down the law about anyone who tries to make their area look dumpy.  Obviously most of the RVs are permanent residents, but the rigs still look nice and neat.  The bathroom was great.  It's wonderful to have showers!  The site is level.  And there's a Pho restaurant across the street!!

Of course, it's not cheap, because Carson City is a nice town.  With the electric deposit, bathroom key deposit, and rent it cost me $555 to move in.  My normal boondocking budget is $200/mo, and for RV Parks it's $450 tops (which is what this place cost before the other fees) but, you know what?  I can afford it.  I'm not going to deprive myself after what my mother and I have been through.  SCREW IT.  Let's enjoy the month.

Last year around this time we boondocked in the travel trailer at Baldini's Casino in Sparks.  After arriving in Carson City we drove into Reno to treat ourselves to Red Lobster, or as my mother likes to mistakenly sing:  Reeeeeed Lobster! Yum! (the Red Robin slogan).  After stuffing our faces with food that cost half a month's worth of my entertainment budget, we sought out a casino.  I went to Baldinis for old times sake.  I found out that RVs may now only camp in the back lot if they play $25/day.  -_-  Lame.  I guess this is off our boondocking list. 

My mom caught a Pokemon.  (Actually one of the tiny frogs who were all around the RV park in Caliente)

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