Friday, July 22, 2016

The Nightmare is Over

This is in regards to the fact that Cedar Pines Automotive and RV or A-Kicking Truck Tire & Automotive, whatever name this crooked sleaze operation goes by at the address of 1001 South Main Street in Cedar City Utah, did an oil change in my car WELL over a month ago and forgot to put oil in.  Destroyed my engine.  Destroyed my life for five weeks while being as cruel and obnoxious as possible during the repair ordeal.  After three weeks of dicking me around, they demanded I pay $1,200 for them to fix the engine they destroyed.  I got the police involved.  The police told them to fix it in two weeks or face charges with the County Attorney.  Today was the deadline.

I've been too upset to write during this horror show.  We've suffered for the loss of our follow car, and also the loss of a good chunk of our summer travel.  I haven't posted here much, but I stayed in the driving range of Cedar City, either Pioche or a campground in Caliente, in order to be able to retrieve my car when it was finally done.

The mechanic is a jackass.  He held it together when the police threatened him with charges, making false promises as usual, then he sent me a nasty email saying he will pick the deadline.  Not me or the police.  This is after he had our car for three weeks already.  We didn't get a loaner because he's a sleaze.  We didn't get any consideration to the fact he destroyed our beautiful car.

He would not talk to me on the phone.  Every call went to voicemail after a ring or two.  He talked to me by email.  Eventually the dunce, named Landon Pi1key, realized he was giving me a nice paper trail for court.  He changed the last name on his email to something else in the email he sent two weeks ago.

And that was the last time I heard from him.  I called this morning, and was swiped left to voicemail.  I emailed and got no reply.  So I drove the RV down there, fully prepared to get my vehicle towed out of this man's incompetent auto shop to someone who might actually know how to replace an engine.

I'm going to paste what I posted in Facebook now.  This covers it:

This morning was the deadline the police gave the mechanic to fix our car. I emailed the mechanic and didn't get an answer. I called and was immediately put to voicemail.

I called another mechanic to get him to tow the car out of the asshole mechanic for me. He said that the mechanic had closed their business. The shop was closed and empty and all the cars were moved out of there.

I get a pain in my shoulder like I did when I had my last three heart attacks. There's nothing I can do but drive the RV there. I feel my lunch coming up my throat as I drive. I just want to puke.

So we drove to Cedar City. Our car was sitting in the parking lot of the business across the street from the mechanic. There it was. My car. Sitting there. I used my spare key to unlock and open the door.

Then I put the key in the ignition.

It turned on.

I didn't know how well it would function, but for now it was driveable.

I look across the street and I see that the mechanic is still open and all the cars are still clogging his lot like usual. I see the asshole I dealt with on the phone walking around. The other mechanic was wrong.

I went into the mechanic to get the keys. "Why didn't you call me?"

I get a contract shoved into my face. Waive all liability for future problems on the engine and acknowledge anything that goes wrong is my fault because I wouldn't pay them the $1,200.

"Sign this or we're not giving you the keys."

I see the keys sitting in front of him on my mom's red key chain. I snatch them and say I'm not signing anythign.

We bolted out of there. I drove the RV and my mom drove the car. I try to find a place to turn around to bring it to another mechanic, but I can't. Finally I find a mechanic in a neighborhood. I park the RV on the street and have her pull in to this nice looking Mexican mechanic/house.

She had been honking at me nonstop during the drive. She was overheating. All her lights were lit up. She wanted me to pull over, but I was determined to get her to another mechanic.

The mechanic gets us into his service shop right away. He works for an hour and then drives away with our car. He's gone another forty minutes. Then he parks and comes into the waiting room.

"Yeah, that's a good engine. They just had it hooked up wrong."


"And they didn't put any coolant in it."


"I put coolant in and drove it 45 miles away. It's running great. They just had to hook up the hoses correctly and put in coolant. The engine looks pretty new."


"That will be $117."


It's over. It's finally over. Our car is back and running fine again. The hundred bucks was nothing compared to what we thought it was going to cost. The car is running like new again.

I cried. My mom cried. I'm still worked up and upset. I can't believe the nightmare has finally ended. THANK GOD!!!!  (End Facebook Post)

Of course I'm going to spread the word everywhere I can about this horrible mechanic.  One thing at a time.  My first goal is to get the heck out of Utah and never return!  We are boondocking in Cedar City somewhere, but will be out of this state ASAP tomorrow.

Hopefully my blog can get back to happy times.  I'm full of gratitude that this is over with and didn't wipe out my savings.  I'm ready to move on.


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