Saturday, July 23, 2016

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know this blog has been a bummer for the last few weeks.  The crap is over, and loving life on the road continues!

Last night we stayed at the Walmart in Cedar City because it was too late for a long drive once the 2nd mechanic fixed the car.  Cedar City left a bad impression on us, and not just because of a monster in mechanic's clothing.  I've never had more people bump me with their shopping carts, bump me as they're getting by, try to cut me off while driving (I'm in a 31' motorhome, mind you) not care if they block you, and basically just act like shitty people. 

One 'nice' looking family all gathered around the tomato display to laugh at a mentally ill man who was talking to himself.  They were pointing to him to make sure their young children saw him and got to laugh.  Really.  My mother looked at me and said, "At this point, what did you expect?"

A truck driver yelled at me when I pulled into the back of Walmart to turn the RV around (it was the only space large enough to do it).  When I apologized out my window and said I would be out of his way in a sec--"JUST HURRY THE F**K UP!"  Yeah.  And I didn't get upset about it.  Once you know that this is the status quo you can't take it personal.  If this had happened anywhere else I would have been seriously pissed.  Here, I just shook my head and laughed.  Oh, Utah!

I will do everything in my power never to return here.

I decided to head for Ely Nevada.  Our ultimate goal is Carson City.  I have a nice campground there that I plan to stay at for a month of 'recovery.'  But I can't get there in one trip with my mom following, and I need to wait until I've gotten my royalty payments for the month.  So, I headed to Ely to enjoy another historic Nevada town.

Pioche is a junction point between Cedar City and Nevada.  I could have stayed at the free campground again, but we had a bad experience when paying to use the shower at the pool.  It left us disenchanted with the area. 

Free had a boondock between Ely and Eureka.  I thought this would be great because I want to explore both old west towns.  But when I got to Ely, after driving for hours, I was ready for the trip to be done for the day.  The boondock was still 37 miles away.  This is just too much driving.  We wanted to stay somewhere in town.

I started glancing around for a cheap campground or free boondock.  When we got gas at the Shell station I noticed a dirt lot where trucks were parked.  I asked the clerk and he told me no one cared if we spent the night there.  SOLD!

Nice, huh?  The SUV is hiding on the other side of us.  She's still traumatized after her ordeal.  Poor little car.

I'm trying to get the RV in the picture without showing our license plate

I really like this Shell station because it had 'large vehicle pumps' to the side.  I would have had a lot of trouble manuvering the smaller pumps.

I know that boondocks like this are 'one night' sort of affairs, but we are devastated from everything and really need to rest for a bit.  We're going to see if we can push it to two.  Don't tell anyone, okay?

Tomorrow I hope I'll have the energy to explore Ely and give you some pictures.  @-@

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