Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Remember the Alamo (Why You Shouldn't Use Your RV As A Car)

We have been without our follow car for a month now.  We're in remote rural areas, far from the Targets and Walmarts of the world.  Sometimes we take a half-mile walk to the gas station to get some convenience store groceries.  We really need our fricking car back.

Today we had to drive in the RV because we needed propane.  Once we got it we decided to use the RV as a car and go somewhere.  We felt like we deserved it during our ongoing hellish situation with the car.

We drove to Alamo Nevada, which isn't far from Area 51.  We stopped at one tourist spot on the side of highway 93, which I probably should have taken pictures of for you, since it was a nice building with aliens painted all over it.

I'm sorry.  I'm miserable over the fact that our car is most likely destroyed and there's little hope of us getting it back any time soon.  I haven't been able to write.  I'm drinking more than I should.  I'm in a funk. Please bear with me as a I don't take pictures for the blog.  Hopefully soon this can be over with.  (I won't go into detail but the mechanic asked for $1,200 to fix the engine he destroyed with the botched oil change after dicking us around for weeks.  Police got involve.  The bastards still have my broken car.)

Anywho, we didn't feel like going back to where we're camping yet, so we continued down 93 to the tiny town of Alamo.  Rumor has it there was a Mexican restaurant there if you got off the highway.

So we did.  We drove down a neighborhood street lined with houses. 

And then I stopped.  The wires crisscrossing the street were LOW.  Really low.  I didn't know if my 12' high RV was going to make it through. 

I went further with our satellite dipping just four inches below a wire.  If we'd bounced on a bump then we would have caught the wire.  This is crazy!

RVs can not be used as cars!  I have a high profile vehicle.  We were barely making it under those wires.  We tried to go back up another street to get out of there, but I swear the wires were hanging even lower!  We turned around and slowly went back the way we came.

My RV drives so easily sometimes you forget you're in a gigantic tall house on wheels.  If I was day-dreaming I might have gotten caught on a wire today.  We can not use the RV as a car.  We need our car back.  We are asking for trouble every time we take the rig off main roads.

So, from now on I'm going to Remember the Alamo when I'm driving the RV.  That means to watch out for low hanging wires!

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